Michel Montecrossa mit Konzert und Vorträgen zu Frieden und Klimawandel beim Mirapuri World Peace Festival 2008

Konzertplakat des \'Child of Tomorrow\' Concerts mit Michel Montecrossa and his band The Chosen Few

Ich hatte leider keine Gelegenheit gehabt euch die Infos zu Michel Montecrossa’s Vorträgen und seinem heutigen Konzert-Auftritt beim gerade laufenden Mirapuri World Peace Festival 2008, das vom 4.07. – 6.07.08 am Omnidiet Hotel www.Omnidiet-Hotel.com stattfindet eher zu präsentieren, so dass ich jetzt mittendrin anfangen muss: Heute nachmittag gibt es weitere Vorträge von Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali u.a. und heute abend gibt es ein Super Konzert von Michel Montecrossa and his band The Chosen Few mit dem Titel ‘Child of Tomorrow Concert’ – hier also das Programm in englisch. Die Gesamtveranstaltung mit allen Infos findet man unter: www.Mirapuri-WorldPeace.com

Sorry, but I could not spare enough time to announce Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Child of Tomorrow’ Concert that will be staged tonight from 9 pm to 11pm concert and his conferences regarding peace and climate change at this year’s Mirapuri World Peace Festival from 4.07. – 6.07.08 at the Omnidiet Hotel www.Omnidiet-Hotel.com

Also now I’m still in a hurry -so I will post here now the program of today and tomorrow – all further infos regarding this event can be found at: www.Mirapuri-WorldPeace.com

Saturday, 5th July 2008
Miramudra (meditative body-exercise) with Red Sonja from Miravillage, Germany accompanied by orchestral music of Michel Montecrossa
Lunch and being together
Lecture by Michel Montecrossa from Mirapuri: ‘MIRAPURI AND ITS WAY INTO THE FUTURE’.
Lecture by Mirakali from Miraprui ‘OUR PLANET EARTH – OUR FUTURE’.
The themes of the lectures by others are in preparation.
Mirapuri Taiyo sessions (relaxing and refreshing body exercises) guided by Mirachandra
Being together and dinner
with Michel Montecrossa and his band The Chosen Few
Michel Montecrossa’s Kommentar zum ‘Child Of Tomorrow’ Concert:
“Who is the child of tomorrow? It is the one that comes with the sense of unity, peace, love and joy ending all bloodshed and bitter misunderstanding?
The child of tomorrow is first born in us who already life. Are we living unity, peace, love and joy?
Think straight and you know the answer of the future.”

Sunday, 6th July 2007
Meditation at the Miravinci, the meditation center of Mirapuri

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