Michel Montecrossa’s Vorstellung der ‘Next Generation’ Konzerte beim Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2008

Psst – das hier oben drüber ist ein Foto – also nicht wundern wieso ihr beim Draufklicken nicht das Video sehen könnt 😉    Notice: here above is a picture taken from the Festival Movie ‘Going to the Spirit of Woodstock Festival’

Hier also ‘Frisch gepflückt’ vom Michel Montecrossa Newsletter die Vorstellung seiner ‘Next Generation’ Konzertreihe, die er auf dem diesjährigen ‘Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2008’ vorstellen wird und die das Thema seiner ‘Peace & Climate Change Concert Tour’ weiter ausbauen wird.

Well, sizzling hot new infos spotted at Michel Montecrossa’s Newsletter:

“At the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2008 in Mirapuri me and my band perform our 10 days ‘Next Generation’ concert series. During these concerts we present topical songs dealing with the life on our rapidly changing earth and the impact these changes have on the next generation.
We all have to face times when we can no longer switch back the clock or overlook the facts that give an new meaning and reality to our life.
We have to adapt quickly to the existential problems of risin’ food-, energy- and housing-prices, dwindling natural resources, energy wars, growing pollution, deterioration of human values, work, wages and education along with globale climate change.
The next generation will live in a future world that will be as good as is our present goodwill, understanding, awareness and consciousness.
The ‘Next Generation’ concerts turn to this future with high-energy songs and lyrics that put right what went wrong, make you listen and make you think.”

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