Peace & Climate Change Songlyrics 1

Hier wieder neue Songlyrics zu Michel Montecrossa’s Top-Songs ‘War Kills’ und ‘Earth & Moon Tribal’ – beides sehr typische Songs für Inhalte und Lebensgefühl der ‘Peace & Climate Change Concert Tour’

Enjoy the Poetry-loving & ‘Direct Talkin’ songlyrics for Michel Montecrossa’s outstanding songs ‘War Kills’ and ‘Earth & Moon Tribal’ – both being songs that are very typical for the ‘Peace & Climate Change Concert Tour’

War Kills

War kills in business.
War kills at home.
You know the answer, honey,
but you do the wrong.
What will you do when killers come to you?
We’ve gone a long way, still don’t know what to do.

War kills for sure, is dirty business.
But business is strong and you want your easiness.
What will you do when killers come to you?
You don’t know and nobody will know you.

War kills even lovers when they turn to hate.
You can’t find a job when you make mistakes.
What will you do when killers come to you?
If you don’t care for others, nobody cares for you.

War kills everybody, is strong with deadly doom.
If you don’t want to be true, what else you want to do?
What will you do when killers come to you?
If you don’t want to listen, nobody listens to you.

War is no good story, hides the answer from within.
Stay with your lovers and make them all a-sing.
What will you do when sunshine comes to you?
I guess you know the answer and me I’m happy too.

(© 2007 Michel Montecrossa)

Earth & Moon Tribal

Earth and Moon Tribal!

I hear the voice of the poet bright
dancin’ along the horizon:
“Sweet is the song which nature brings!
Come forth and bring with you a heart
that watches and receives.”

Earth and Moon Tribal!

“Eons have passed and summers
with the length of deep long winters.
And again I hear the waters rolling
from their mountain-springs with sweet inland murmur.
Once again do I behold the steep and lofty cliffs.”

Earth and Moon Tribal!

“They on a wild secluded scene impress
the landscape with the quiet of the sky.
The day is come when I again repose here,
waiting for the full-moon night,
and see the wild green landscape, its sensation sweet.”

Earth and Moon Tribal!

“I feel them in the blood and along the heart,
and passing on into my conscious soul
with tranquil, nameless pleasure,
secret, unremembered acts of kindness and love…”

Earth and Moon Tribal!

(© 2007 Michel Montecrossa)

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