‘Dreaming World’ – Mirakali Video & Art-Links

Mirakali – Bio

Mirakali is a fantastic songwriter singing from her thrilling core of wisdom, power, love and beauty. Her rockin’ and soothin’ 21st Century songs go along with her abundant creativity as breathtaking cyberartist, moviemaker, poet and writer.

Mirakali since 1992 is playing guitar and keyboard in Michel Montecrossa‘s band “The Chosen Few” and his “Lightsound Orchestra”, with them she is on the road performing 40 to 60 concerts every year.

Find Mirakali on Reverbnation:


find lots of Mirakali songs on iTunes at:


Various Mirakali Books

Cyberecstasy Poetry

Cyberecstasy Poetry at amazon – click here

Tribals & Poems

Tribals & Poems at amazon – click here

Tribals & Poems‘, published by Mirapuri-Verlag is a magic collection of fascinating Tribal-Designs and Poems created by Mirakali.
‘Tribals & Poems‘ on 112 pages features 54 Tribal Images and 54 Poems leading to the shore of the mystic sea that reflects the soul’s mystery in a timeless moment.
Mirakali is a futuristic cyberartist and cybermusician not only full of power but also rich with Fire, passion and tender love.

here I would like to present still more Mirakali books, available via amazon and the Mirapuri-Shop


Moon: The Feminine Image

Moon. In the mystic moonlight shines the enchanting face of the eternal woman.
The moon is her guard, is the symbol that veils as much as it reveals.
The feminine image like the moon mirrors the truth of light into the night of human chaos.
Mirakali, master-photographer, poet and musician from Mirapuri presents ‘Moon‘ as a symphony of female images bringing the deep brain impact of their emotional and esthetic power to the front.

Forever Love: Poems & Images

Forever Love: Poems & Images

Love is the answer. This book shows the answer through images and lyrics
of Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali.

Road Angel and Skylinerocker

Road Angel and Skylinerocker

Road Angel and Skylinerocker – Erotic Cyberrock Art with Paintings by Mirakali and Lyrics by Michel Montecrossa

The Little Star

The Little Star

The little Star is a sweet book for children
with the beautiful message of friendship and

Mirapuri and the World of Love

Mirapuri and the World of Love

‘MIRAPURI AND THE WORLD OF LOVE’ is a collection of essays, poems and song lyrics Mirakali has written for various festivals in Mirapuri – the City of Peace andFutureman in Europe, Italy: the Mirapuri World Peace Festival, the Spirit of Woodstock Festival and the Mirapuri World Literature Fest.

World Poems

World Poems

‘World Poems’ photographed and written by Mirakali, the great artist-musician from Mirapuri, makes us plunge deep into the enchanting and revealing poem of the world.
‘World Poems’ is the soulful chant and image-garland of the wonderful gifts the world presents to you every day by one of the 21st century’s most outstanding photographer-poet.

Picture excerpts:

All Happiness – picture taken from Mirakali’s book Cyberecstasy

picture: © Mirakali, CyberSamurai.net

Tribal #6 – taken from Mirakali’s book Tribals & Poems

Picture: © Mirakali, CyberSamurai.net

Mirachandra – photo by Mirakali; from her photo & poetry book Moon: The Feminine Image

photo: © Mirakali, CyberSamurai.net

Road Angel #6 – taken from Mirakali’s book Road Angel and Skylinerocker

picture: © Mirakali, CyberSamurai.net

Watch Mirakali perform the songs ‘Mi Amor, Michel’ and ‘Just Like You’ in this video, the opening concert at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2006 in Mirapuri, Italy featuring songs of Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali and Diana Antara – download the concert from iTunes here

Hier oben drüber findet ihr jede Menge Links & Mirakali’s Video ‘Dreaming World‘, Bücher sowie einige Beispiele für Malerei und Fotografie von Mirakali.

hier kurz Mirakali’s Buch-Links:

Cyberecstasy Poetry bei amazon –  hier klicken

Tribals & Poems bei amazon – hier klicken

Moon: The Feminine Image

Forever Love: Poems & Images

Road Angel and Skylinerocker

Der kleine Stern

Die deutsche Version des Buches ‘Der Kleine Stern’ hat inzwischen 2 weitere Teile (Der kleine Stern – Die Schatzsuche‘ und Der kleine Stern und das Indianermädchen).

Der kleine Stern

Der kleine Stern - Die Schatzsuche

Der kleine Stern und das Indianermädchen

Mirapuri and the World of Love

World Poems

Road Angel and Skylinerocker Road Angel and Skylinerocker
Road Angel and Skylinerocker – Erotic Cyberrock Art with Paintings by Mirakali and Lyrics by Michel Montecrossa

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