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Sunray Revolution by Green Tomororrow musician Michel Montecrossa:

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song lyrics:


Come gather ’round people,
I sing you a song
’bout the sun and the earth
and we who are one,
’bout the past and the present
and the things to come.
The earth was born from the sun.
The jungle was born
when time was young.
It took a long time till oil was born.
Shit-brothers are there, wastin’ them both:
Oil and time for a future of hope.
Slaves of greed,
heartless rules they impose.
Atomic brothers and chemical brothers,
electronic brothers and warfare brothers
join the dance of the death-givin’ sisters.
My child, are you wonderin’,
are you cryin’ for love?
My child, are you lookin’ where life will go?
The climate is changin’,
is smashin’ your door.
Sunray revolution
is the dream of my heart,
a new understanding
of what it means to be smart,
a conscious expansion into union that lasts.
Cooperation for a global approach
to finding new ways for peace and love,
for saving the planet, for giving new hope.
The consciousness changes
and our life too
if we live our soul and follow the call
of workin’ together for the best of all.
Sunray revolution
through islands of light
where we live new visions
and do the right
and find out the ways
to save our life.
From there it will spread,
the message of hope,
the science of living
and not of smoke,
the science of finding
what we need most.
From island to island beauty will grow.
Our food will be free
from poison and all
that weakens our life,
takes away the glow.
Our houses receive free sun-energy.
Our garden is manifold unity.
Sunray revolution is the action key.
New technologies for low-energy
and cars that are runnin’ with electricity
help the genius of a mind that sees.
We know how to live together in peace.
Creative we are with the power to feel.
Sunray revolution for a future that’s real.

other titles of the ‘Sunray Revolution’ CD box include:

The Songs, Disc One:Sunray Revolution‘, ‘This World Is My World’, ‘Voice Of Peace’, ‘Shall We Go To War Again?’, ‘Green Earth’, ‘Sweet Earth’, ‘Great Planet Song’, ‘Weatherman’, ‘Changing World‘, ‘Ecological Music #2’, ‘Gift’, ‘The Power Of Peace’, ‘Freedomfire Burnin”, ‘Earth & Peace‘, ‘A Song’

The Songs, Disc Two: ‘In All This Fury #2’, ‘Some Sweetness’, ‘Change Of Consciousness’, ‘War Kills‘, ‘Will I Ever See You Again?’, ‘As The Batte Came To An End’, ‘War Is Hell’, ‘Friedens Rock’, ‘Another World‘, ‘For All Time To Come (Love Burnin’ Wild And Young)’, ‘We Who Have Loved’, ‘The Great Origin’, ‘As If In Another World’

The Songs, Disc Three:Wake Up‘, ‘What A Time’, ‘Will You Wake Up?’, ‘All The Trouble’, ‘Free Room’, ‘Save The Climate‘, ‘Cute Girl’, ‘You’re A Disaster’, ‘Soulworld Song’, ‘The Place Of The Free’, ‘Climate Generation‘, ‘Water Is Life’, ‘Light Energy‘, ‘Sundrive: I Like It’

The Songs, Disc Four: ‘Solar Evolution & Suntomorrow’, ‘World Energy’, ‘Peace And Light Song & Overture‘, ‘Sun And Peace‘, ‘Sunray Generation’, ‘Child Of Tomorrow‘, ‘Going To Build A City #2’, ‘Acts #2’, ‘What Counts In The End #2’, ‘Love Is Life #2’, ‘Kommt Wieder Ihr Menschen’, ‘Weltfrieden’, ‘Next Generation‘, ‘Let’s Be Together And Care For Love’

The Songs, Disc Five: ‘Punk Kid #2’, ‘Child Of Our Days’, ‘Song From The Home Of Love’, ‘Genetic Expansion’, ‘Earth Mystery Song‘, ‘Truth Is Simple’, ‘Fire On The Water’, ‘World Love Song’, ‘Planet‘, ‘Orbit Rocker’, ‘One World’, ‘Future Vision‘, ‘Vision Body’, ‘Vision Girl’

The Songs, Disc Six; ‘Vision’, ‘Soul & Earth‘, ‘Life & Light‘, ‘Love Action‘, ‘Lovesong’, ‘Way To The Well’, ‘True Lovin”, ‘Loveworld‘, ‘A Woman’s Soul’, ‘You Have Seen It’, ‘Daylight’, ‘Magic Circle’, ‘Future Love Dance’, ‘Believe In Your Dream’

Michel Montecrossa’s Song ‘Sunray Revolution’, ein sehr aktueller Song zu Klima & Energie Frage:

‘Sunray Revolution’ bei Soundcloud anhören:


‘Sunray Revolution’ bei iTunes downloaden:


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