Video news – I Want To Live

here’s Michel Montecrossa‘s video and song ‘I Want To Live’. The video for ‘I Want To Live’ is included in Michel Montecrossa’s autobiographical Free Cinema biopic ‘Portrait Of A Cyberrocker’ – Part One: Like An Awakening Breeze’ that is available via the Mirapuri-Shop
music & film & 2D animation by Michel Montecrossa (© Filmaur Multimedia)

Video-News: jetzt online Michel Montecrossa ‘s Video und Song ‘I Want To Live’. Das Video ist u.a. in Michel Montecrossa’s autobiographischem Free Cinema Movie ‘Portrait Of A Cyberrocker’ Part One – Like An Awakening Breeze’ zu sehen, welcher beim Mirapuri-Shop erhältlich ist;

Musik & Video & 2D-Animation von Michel Montecrossa (© Filmaur Multimedia)