Video for Michel Montecrossa’s ‘As If In Another World’

Video-News: Watch here the video for Michel Montecrossa’s ‘As If In Another World’; music by Michel Montecrossa, video by Mirakali

Michel Montecrossa – all information:

Songlyrics – As If In Another World

From planet to planet contacts that count. / It’s really hippy, hardcore gone
wild. / Armanda askin’ to help her out. / From planet to planet, weekends far

The drinks are hard, ready to be sucked. / I’m with Angel. She’s got a new job.
/ It’s all as if in another world. / It’s bodyaction. It’s the big girl.

Eighteen hours of straight up work: / It is no question, you are an expert. /
Open-minded, dead or alive, / she likes it normal, stays with two guys.

Parasite Eve at Tony Hawk’s. / No 9 to 5 Tekken Job. / Personal life and havin’
good luck. / It’s easy to handle, happy and hard.

From planet to planet: textual screams. / Hidden tapes, illumined screens. /
Concentrated powers for the Age of Wonder. / Urban chaos, Armageddon-Ramblers.

The fightin’ force, the all girl action, / just in time to touch red buttons. / No
time to waste with an asian goddess. / Times are hard, fast and thoughtless.

Multiplay option and impulse mission. / The legacy of millennium vision. / It’s
all as if in another world. / I’m with Angel. She’s the big girl.

From planet to planet: Hydro Thunder. / No time for chit-chat, sex still is the
wonder. / Special moves and dragon hammers. / From planet to planet: Haul your anchors.

Lyrics & music by Michel Montecrossa  (©Mira Sound Germany)

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