Michel Montecrossa double album ‘Here I Am Again Concert’ released

All information & audiofiles for Michel Montecrossa’s album:

Here I Am Again Climate Change Concert

The ‘Here I Am Again’ Climate Change Concert, released by Mira Sound Germany as double Audio-CD is Michel Montecrossa’s 20th climate change concert of the Happy Future and Climate Change Concert Tour 2010. Performed in the Omnidiet Music-Hall during the Mirapuri Literature Fest the concert presents 25 poetic acoustic ballads, cyberrock and dance-electronica songs including the title song ‘I’m On My New Way ‘ an alternate version of ‘Here I Am Again ‘, the topical ‘Givin’ Is The Power Of Happiness ‘, the cool ‘Open Your Eyes Blues ‘ and ‘Hunt For Truth ‘, the band-versions of ‘Damn It! ‘ and ‘Arnika ‘ and the outstanding electro-acoustic version of ‘Cyberrocker Ballad ‘.
Mirakali and Diana Antara contribute great songs like ‘Flames Of Love ‘ and ‘Happy Love ‘.

Michel Montecrossa:
“To be there when needed and do the right is good for a happy future.”
– Here I Am Again Concert

The Songs, Disc One: ‘I’m On My New Way’, ‘Here I Am Again’, ‘Something That Counts’, ‘Givin’ And Takin”, ‘One World Nations’, ‘Givin’ Is The Power Of Happiness’, ‘I Have A Vision’, ‘I Am There’, ‘I’m Lovin’ You’, ‘Simple Time’, ‘Optimist’, ‘I’m You’, ‘Clean Shaven’, ‘Open Your Eyes Blues’, ‘Hunt For Truth’, ‘The Road Ahead’, ‘Rainbow & Valhalla Blues’, ‘Something In The Mind #2′

The Songs, Disc Two: ‘Hyperpunk’s Ballad In A Haunted Street’, ‘Flames Of Love’, ‘Damn It!’, ‘Happy Love’, ‘Love Of My Heart’, ‘Arnika’, ‘Cyberrocker Ballad’

Listen online to the following songs from the album and watch here the video from this concert featuring these songs:

Damn It!
Michel Montecrossa – all information: www.MichelMontecrossa.com

Neues Michel Montecrossa Album:

Here I Am Again Climate Change Concert

Here I Am Again

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