Watch Michel Montecrossa’s ‘The Need Of The People’ Climate Change Concert

‘The Need Of The People’ Climate Change Concert with new topical songs, released by Mira Sound Germany as Double Audio-CD or DVD is Michel Montecrossa’s fourth concert of the Future World & Climate Change Concert Tour 2011.

Performed in the Omnidiet Music-Hall in Mirapuri on 12th March 2011 the concert includes 28 acoustic and electric songs that pound with the heartbeat of the people and lyrics written with the big blood stream of the people, including the title song ‘The Need Of The People‘ and more great acoustic songs like ‘Vision Glasses For Better Seein”, ‘War Kills’, ‘We Want Work!’ and ‘Link To The Global Nerve’ plus great electric songs like ‘Rocker Of Tomorrow’, ‘Reality Rocker’, ‘Will You Wake Up?’, ‘Get Rid Of All Your Answers’, ‘I’m Seeing Things Different’, ‘Free Room’, ‘Share The Feeling’ and ‘Hand It Over’.
Mirakali and Diana Antara contribute touching songs like ‘Free And Strong’ and ‘For Arnika & Mirabella’.

Michel Montecrossa says: “The need of the people is a world of peace and harmony.”

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