Singin’ Future World Climate Change Concert – new Michel Montecrossa video

Watch here Michel Montecrossa’s  ‘Singin’ Future World’ Climate Change Concert.

The ‘Singin’ Future World’ Climate Change Concert with new topical songs is Michel Montecrossa’s sixth concert of the Future World & Climate Change Concert Tour 2011.
Performed in the Omnidiet Music-Hall in Mirapuri on 23rd April 2011 the concert includes 22 forward looking acoustic and electric songs including the title song ‘Singin’ Future World’ and more hot spot acoustic songs like ‘The Best Thing For America’, ‘Nuclear Power Saves Up To Threat Level 7’, ‘Talkin’ End Game: It’s The Radioactive Song’ (Dedicated to the Fukushima Nuclear Plant), ‘The Dream Of The People’, ‘Talkin’ Sign Of The Future’, ‘Beauty And Love Are Another Song’ as well as great electric songs like ‘World Love Song’,’We Are Beautiful When Our Hearts Are One’, ‘Welcome Song’, ‘Honey Sweet, Lets Blow That Horn’,’Find Your Own Way’ and ‘Reflection’. Mirakali and Diana Antara contribute futurist songs like ‘Future Earth’ and ‘Peaceful Heart’.

Michel Montecrossa says about the “‘Singin’ Future World’ Concert’:
Future World is movement in the making. Future World is like a song moving from tone to tone, from word to word. Actually it is always moving in the present. It’s tune is that of movin’ toward love or movin’ away from love.
You have to look and see in what directions leaders, governments and systems go: Toward love or away from love.
Always know your direction and let it be the direction toward love. Let your life be a song of love, it’s the best you can do for Future World in the making.”