Sunray Revolution; Michel Montecrossa’s Single about fighting climate change for preserving world peace

‘Sunray Revolution’, released by Mira Sound Germany on Audio Single and DVD, is Michel Montecrossa’s New-Topical-Song about fighting climate change for preserving world peace.

Watch the video ‘Sunray Revolution’

Michel Montecrossa says about ‘Sunray Revolution’:
“If we don’t change, the climate will change and we will be attacked by natural disasters, floods, storms, droughts, famines and will lose world peace.“

Sunray Revolution - Michel Montecrossa Single

Song Lyrics
Come gather ’round people, / I sing you a song / ’bout the sun and the earth / and we who are one, / ’bout the past and the present / and the things to come.
The earth was born from the sun. / The jungle was born / when time was young. / It took a long time till oil was born.
Shit-brothers are there, wastin’ them both: / Oil and time for a future of hope. / Slaves of greed, / heartless rules they impose.
Atomic brothers and chemical brothers, / electronic brothers and warfare brothers / join the dance of the death-givin’ sisters.
My child, are you wonderin’, / are you cryin’ for love? / My child, are you lookin’ where life will go? / The climate is changin’, / is smashin’ your door.
Sunray revolution / is the dream of my heart, / a new understanding / of what it means to be smart, / a conscious expansion into union that lasts.
Cooperation for a global approach / to finding new ways for peace and love, / for saving the planet, for giving new hope. / The consciousness changes / and our life too / if we live our soul and follow the call / of workin’ together for the best of all.
Sunray revolution / through islands of light / where we live new visions / and do the right / and find out the ways / to save our life.
From there it will spread, / the message of hope, / the science of living / and not of smoke, / the science of finding / what we need most.
From island to island beauty will grow. / Our food will be free / from poison and all / that weakens our life, / takes away the glow.
Our houses receive free sun-energy. / Our garden is manifold unity. / Sunray revolution is the action key.
New technologies for low-energy / and cars that are runnin’ with electricity / help the genius of a mind that sees.
We know how to live together in peace. / Creative we are with the power to feel. / Sunray revolution for a future that’s real.
Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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