Michel Montecrossa release: ‘Happy Future’ CD-Box with 4 Audio CDs and 2 DVDs and Song Lyrics Art Book

‘Happy Future Climate Change Song Collection 2010′, released by Mira Sound Germany is the great New-Topical-Song 6 CD-Box (4 Audio-CDs and 2 DVDs) and Song Lyrics Art Book presenting all 59 greatest Hits from Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Happy Future Climate Change Tour 2010′.

Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Happy Future’ songs are a bold and encouraging expression of finding the deeper answers to the questions of humanity in a rapidly changing world.
The ‘Happy Future’ 6 CD-Box presents great Topical-Song-Audio-Tracks like ‘Happy Future‘, ‘Relaxing Climate Girls‘, ‘Cybergreen Breakthrough‘, ‘You Are My Girl – You Are The One‘, ‘Love & Listen‘, ‘Cyberpunk #2‘, ‘The Visionary Man‘, ‘Hyperpunk’s Ballad In A Haunted Street‘, ‘Cyberrocker Ballad‘, ‘Talkin’ Future World‘, ‘It’s The Ball‘, ‘In The Street‘, ‘The Story Of The Lightbulb‘ and ‘The Rich And The Poor‘.
The bonus DVDs in addition feature stunning live concert performances of touching songs like ‘Optimist’, ‘The Road Ahead’, ‘I Have A Vision’ and ‘I’m On My New Way’.
‘Happy Future’ is a superb masterpiece of song writing by Michel Montecrossa, one of the 21st century’s greatest musician-artist.
‘Happy Future’ unfolds its dedicated message of peace, love and happiness on 4 CDs and 2 DVDs as well as in an Art Book featuring 321 pages with 59 song lyrics, commentaries, images, concert poster art, discography and guitar chords.

Michel Montecrossa says:
“My songs are topical songs that want to stimulate your emotions and outlook on things. They take a stand for clear-sighted, positive action. They are songs for the living celebration of humanity.”

CD-Box Set ‘Happy Future Climate Change Song Collection 2010′

The Songs, Disc One:

  1. Happy Future
  2. Name Of The Game
  3. Dream Space
  4. Relaxing Climate Girls
  5. Cybergreen Breakthrough
  6. Happy For You
  7. The Happiness
  8. Land Under Water
  9. I Lead You
  10. The Deepest Level
  11. You Are My Girl – You Are The One
  12. The Dance Of Life
  13. Here I Am Again
  14. Love & Listen

The Songs, Disc Two:

  1. Damn It!
  2. Cyberpunk #2 (Intelligence Is Like A Sign)
  3. The Visionary Man
  4. Givin’ And Takin’
  5. Arnika
  6. Givin’ Is The Power Of Happiness
  7. An Angel For You
  8. Joy & Future #2
  9. Soul & Future
  10. Love Unites
  11. My Government Is Happiness
  12. I Am There
  13. Clean Shaven
  14. Hyperpunk’s Ballad In A Haunted Street
  15. Cyberrocker Ballad

The Songs, Disc Three:

  1. Optimist
  2. Simple Time
  3. I’m You
  4. One World Nation
  5. Rainbow & Valhalla Blues
  6. I Have A Vision
  7. Something In The Mind #2
  8. Open Your Eyes Blues
  9. Hunt For Truth
  10. The Road Ahead
  11. Something That Counts
  12. I’m Lovin’ You
  13. I’m On My New Way
  14. Thrash Is Cash (Another Side Of Happiness)
  15. Shit And Fuck (And Then Stand Up)

The Songs, Disc Four:

  1. No Slump In Love
  2. I Am A Happy Man
  3. Fortuna
  4. I’m Freedom
  5. Talkin’ Future World
  6. Welcome To Real Life
  7. We Are Singers Three
  8. Birth In A Cathedral
  9. My Song For The People
  10. It’s The Ball
  11. In The Street
  12. Fire Of The Morning Star
  13. The Story Of The Lightbulb
  14. Join World Union
  15. The Rich And The Poor

The Songs, Disc Five – DVD:

  1. I’m In My New Way
  2. Here I Am Again
  3. Something That Counts
  4. Givin’ And Takin’
  5. One World Nation
  6. Givin’ Is The Power Of Happiness
  7. I Have A Vision
  8. I Am There
  9. I’m Lovin’ You
  10. Simple Time
  11. Optimist
  12. I’m You
  13. Clean Shaven
  14. Open Your Eyes Blues
  15. Hunt For Truth
  16. The Road Ahead
  17. Rainbow & Valhalla Blues
  18. Something In The Mind #2

The Songs, Disc Six – DVD:

  1. Hyperpunk’s Ballad In A Haunted Street
  2. Flames Of Love
  3. Damn It!
  4. Happy Love
  5. Love Of My Heart
  6. Arnika
  7. Cyberrocker Ballad

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