Strong Is My Christmas Dream – Michel Montecrossa’s music video for his 10 New Christmas Songs album

The movie ‘Strong Is My Christmas Dream’ released by Mira Sound Germany on DVD is Michel Montecrossa‘s uplifting music video for the opening song of his 10 New Christmas Songs album with the same title. ‘Strong Is My Christmas Dream’ is a music video featuring Michel Montecrossa’s revolutionary genius way of Christmas Songwriting. He sovereignly goes beyond all clichés of this genre and opens for the listeners a new level of experiencing Christmas Music and Lyrics of an awesome depth of insight, wisdom, emotion and humanity. Michel Montecrossa again stands in the high light of outstanding songwriting and poetic excellence that easily communicate profound messages to a global audience in his own inimitable way of true soulfulness and compassionate generosity.

The movie is directed by Michel Montecrossa and produced by Mira Sound Germany and Filmaur Multimedia.
Michel Montecrossa says about the ‘Strong Is My Christmas Dream’ music video:
“‘Strong Is My Christmas Dream’ is a music video that turns to every woman and man and child, to every nation, country and race, to everything and all of the whole wide world with love and the message of light and hope.”
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