Upcoming Screening: Top Topical Part One – 19 New-Topical-Songs & Movies by Michel Montecrossa

Friday, 24th January 2014, from 20:00 (8:00 p.m.) screening of Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Top Topical Part One – 19 New-Topical-Songs & Movies’  at the New Art Cinema in the Michel Montecrossa Rock Vision Diner in Gauting near Munich, Germany.

Michel Montecrossa says about the ‘Top Topical’ Song & Movie Collection Part One & Part Two:
“The ‘Top Topical’ Song and Movie Collections is my heart’s blood call for action through New-Topical-Songs. They are stimulating educational songs transporting the values of the true, the right and the vast. They stand for high ethics and bring it to the streets. They stand for the living celebration of humanity and the life of happy generations embraced by the warmth of love on a united earth. They stand for safe homes where mothers and fathers together with their children of hope can live and look towards a prosperous future of peace, progress and fulfillment.”

Address & Contact:
Michel Montecrossa Rock Vision Diner
Danziger Str. 1
82131 Gauting (near Munich)
Phone: (++49) 89 850 8555

Top Topical Part One – The Songs:

  1. Brutal And Proud Of It
  2. Talking Boston Marathon Learning
  3. Talking Media World
  4. Talking Laughing Love World Action
  5. Talking The German Chancellor I Want
  6. Talking German Wahlgetoese, Or ‘Who Is The Clown?’
  7. Talking The Pope Needed
  8. Talking Love World Never Ending
  9. I Have A Vision
  10. Talking Rape In India
  11. The Devil He Can’t Bring Us Down
  12. Talking New German Chancellor
  13. Strong Is My Christmas Dream
  14. It’s Time To Share!
  15. Talking World War & Good Israeli Foreign Policy
  16. Talking Beppe Grillo & The Five Stars Movement
  17. Totally Topical: Jobs & Economy Grow With World Unity
  18. Malala’s Tempest Of Darkness & Light
  19. Talking Aamir Khan From India

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Michel Montecrossa – Message on 23 January 2014

My message for today:
“Vaster than an ocean
the Light of Soul extends behind the relativities of space and time.
Emerging from its luminosity
the Soul Being grows and quietly embraces all relativities
to reshape them into the Splendor Supreme.”
– Michel Montecrossa, message on 23rd January 2014

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