Featured video: ‘Talking Banking Solution’ (The Evolver Song) – Michel Montecrossa’s Song stimulated by World Economic Forum, Occupy & the People

Talking Banking Solution’ (The Evolver Song), released by Mira Sound Germany on Audio Single and DVD, is Michel Montecrossa’s New-Topical-Song singing ‘capitalism has to change’ and is stimulated by World Economic Forum, Occupy & the People.

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Michel Montecrossa says about Talking Banking Solution (The Evolver Song):

“Talking Banking Solution (The Evolver Song) is singing about capitalism that has to change and is singing that true banking is no myth and is singing that the solution is Real Value Banking which is not destroying business and nations through rising interest rates in times of crises.
This song is linked to what I told the Greek magazine ITHAQUE.GR during an interview: We all need a fundamental change of the world’s financial system, including full debt relief for all EU countries, controlled change from speculator banking to Real Value Banking, a stabilizing Euro reform that makes the Euro the currency of the United States of Europe and all that followed by a fresh, unburdened start of the working hand free for future building.
There is a Big Consciousness working behind the tough appearances for the True, the Right and the Vast. It is also working in us. Let’s be open to it with hope and courage and a better future will come.”

Note: read the full interview with the Greek magazine ITHAQUE.GR here

Michel Montecrossa's Single 'Talking Banking Solution (The Evolver Song)'

Song Lyrics

Listen all ye people all over the world: / The songs of hope I bring, they are Evolver Songs. / They are about solutions for fixing all that’s wrong. / Talking banking solution – here it comes!
The outer must feedback with the inner, I say, / and the inner must be free to see the great / that has the power to bring the big change / into the outer as a consciousness gain.
Consciousness is there everywhere, / is there in our seeing and feeling and loving, / is there in our sense of unity action, / is there in our will for the true and right direction.
It brings the solution for the banking disaster, / is a shift to Real Value Banking that masters / greed-dominated speculator shit / through equal sharing of profit and risk,
by investing only in real work and production, / by earning according to high or low profit / and not through interest rates that rise when deals go down, / killing products and jobs and lives of the young.
The only real value is the working hand. / Real Value Banking is earning less in less good days / and is earning well in bright, good days. / Through fairness it is saving working hands and happy days.
Listen all ye people all over the world: / The songs of hope I bring, they are Evolver Songs. / They are about solutions for fixing all that’s wrong. / They are for the bold and strong.
Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany


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