Featured video – Günter Grass Is Right: World War Is Bad – Michel Montecrossa’s New-Topical-Evolver-Song triggered by the Günter Grass poem ‘What has to be said”

Michel Montecrossa says:
“‘GÜNTER GRASS IS RIGHT: WORLD WAR IS BAD ‘ is a New-Topical-Evolver-Song triggered by the controversial Günter Grass poem ‘Was gesagt werden muss / What has to be said’. It is not a song about politics but about what the people want in these times of world war fears, disinformation and big trading of weapons: The people want peace, unity, freedom, jobs, education and security for themselves and their children. They don’t want the destruction of their lives, brain messing and always more horrible weapons.
Listen to ordinary people in Israel or Iran and all over the world. They talk with each other in the internet and want peace, not war. To wish for the destruction of a nation is not what the people want. That’s why I sing this song triggered by a poem which is somewhat lopsided and certainly controversial, but at the same time a good occasion to think about ways for proper handling of complex realities which pose a threat to the life of us all.”

More songs and videos: MichelMontecrossa.com


Günter Grass is right: World War is bad.
We have to speak about the root of all
hate and misunderstanding,
of blindness and of anger,
of conflict and ill will.

Günter Grass is right: about facts we have to talk
free in mind and true, ready to find the ways
to peace and understanding,
to celebration of humanity,
to joy of human unity.

Günter Grass is right: trading of weapons is a danger
strengthening war in the world and the willingness to kill.
Better let us strengthen
the readiness to live together
and to solve our problems together.

I see the people everywhere: they don’t want wars.
Old and young want peace and love for all the world,
good work and not poverty
freedom and the contacts
connecting all and making us happy.

Music, Lyrics & Drawings: Michel Montecrossa © Mira Sound Germany

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