Michel Montecrossa on his concerts at the ‘Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2014 in Mirapuri, Italy’

Michel Montecrossa says:
„To the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2014 in Mirapuri I bring together with my band The Chosen Few during 10 festival days all our stunning new music for every step of the way. We are happy to meet you all for an exciting happening of Peace, Love and Freedom. See You!“

Festival Poster: Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2014 in Mirapuri, Italy

Michel Montecrossa and his band the Chosen Few this year bring to the Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri (Italy) the brand new songs of their ‘Love & Sweetness Climate Change Concert Tour 2014’.

The Festival tales place from 25th July to 3 August 2014 in Mirapuri – read more about the Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri, Italy: www.SpiritOfWoodstockFest.com

Michel Montecrossa, internationally acclaimed Cyberrocker, Dance, Electronica, Topical-Song Writer and Founder of Mirapuri created more than 2200 songs and 50 symphonic compositions. The extraordinary work of Michel Montecrossa is constantly moving further. Fusion of all song-styles, symphonic music and music movies unite to form his unique Cyber-Rock-Dance-Electronica and Topical-Music.
Michel Montecrossa started the Spirit of Woodstock Festival which takes place every year in July / August in Mirapuri-Coiromonte in the North-Italian Mountains together with the DreamSpace Electronica Fest, the Mirapuri Rainbow Gathering and Mirapuri’s one and only original Bavarian Oktoberfest in Italy.

Band Members: Michel Montecrossa (Vocals, Guitar, Midi-Guitar, Keyboard, Harmonica, Piano, Percussion) • Mirakali (Guitar, Keyboard, vocals) • Diana Antara (Keyboard, vocals) • David Butterfield (Bass) • Mirachandra (Digital Drums) • Artis Aldschalis (E-violin)

Michel Montecrossa will play each day of the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2014 – from 25th July to 3rd August 2014 – two Live-Concerts.

DreamSpace Electronica Fest: www.Dreamspacefestival.com

Mirapuri Rainbow Gathering: www.Mirapuri-RainbowGathering.com

Directions for the Spirit of Woodstock Festival – find the place of the Festival on Google Map: http://tinyurl.com/cxel3dy

Love & Sweetness Song

I’m A-Feelin’ Super Love World Action

What Can We Do To Change The Climate Change?

Michel Montecrossa Homepage: www.MichelMontecrossa.com

Follow Michel Montecrossa on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Montecrossa

Become a friend of Michel Montecrossa on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/michel.montecrossa

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