World Car Contemplation – painting by Michel Montecrossa

New painting by Michel Montecrossa titled ‘World Car Contemplation


Description: ‘World Car Contemplation’, Mirapuri, 14th June 2014, ink, acryl, wax crayon on canvas, 150 x 180 cm

Michel Montecrossa about his painting ‘World Car Contemplation’:
’World Car Contemplation’ is a topical modern painting presenting extended art awareness of the automobile industry world embedded in the new awareness ecology world. It is a fusion-consciousness painting with an ultra modern outlook featuring a delicately strong color, meaning and composition sensitivity effortlessly bridging the gulf between nature and space age civilization. It is a totally 21st century style topical modern painting hitting in a wonderfully aesthetic way the central hot-spots of present time moving into the future. The holistic genius structure with its vibrant and mature image-music of lines, shades, lights and color feelings induces the satisfying air of intelligence, progress and understanding fitting well into professional as well as private environments.

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