Various Viking Songs & Viking music videos by Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali & Diana Antara

A selection of Viking Songs & Viking music videos & albums by Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali & Diana Antara

Viking Songs:

Cybervikin Virgin

Vikingwedding (by Mirakali)

Cyberviking Reborn In Me

Cyberviking Saga (The Earth Was Shaken)

Viking Song Music Videos

Vikingmystery by Mirakali Music & Movie by Mirakali; Starring Mirachandra, Song: Vikingwedding (by Mirakali)

Poets And Heroes – Mirakali’s Viking Song For All Poets And Heroes of this World

Earthpower – Mirakali’s Viking Song dedicated to Planet Earth Music & Movie by Mirakali; Starring Mirachandra

Viking Song Albums:

‘Viking Spirit’ Cyberrocker & Climate Change Concert

Michel Montecrossa’s Cybersymphony And Vikingsong Concert ‘The Eye Of Odin’ 

Michel Montecrossa's CD: The Eye Of Odin Cybersymphony And Vikingsong Concert

Download the album ‘The Eye Of Odin’ from iTunes

Michel Montecrossa Homepage:


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