Featured: Michel Montecrossa’s video ‘Forever I See Your Sweet Soul’

Michel Montecrossa about the Salvador Dalì Style video ‘Forever I See Your Sweet Soul’:
“It is a Salvador Dalì Style video because it is conscious and it is mysterious. People love mystery. It is pure artistic sensation of the power that overcomes death. I could say it the Dalì way: When I make a video the ocean roars. Others merely paddle in their bath.
It is made from a level of awareness that knows well that what we name reality is even more illusory than the world of dreams.
It is contradictory. It is creative in the Dalì way:
‘We have to systematically create trouble – it radiates creativity. All that is contradictory is a source of life.’
It is a nonpolitical video. In it Mirakali is my Venus, and you won’t know to which party she belongs or if she belongs to any party at all. When I was three I knew God. Since then my ambition keeps growing. This video is only one of many windows to my genius.”

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