Photos: Mirapuri New Year Meditation

Mirapuri New Year Meditation 1.1.2015 at the Miravinci. During the meditation we listened to the ‘Love, Peace & Happiness’ Symphony as the New Year Music 2015.

– posted by Michel Montecrossa on 4th January, 2015

Further informations about meditations at the Miravinci you find here. To join the regular meditations at the Miravinci contact:

Phone: ++39-0322-999009

Meditation Miravinci 1.01.2015. Bild 1

Meditation Miravinci 1.01.2015. Bild 2Miravinci – A Peace Meditation Movie by Mirakali

The Miravinci Meditation Centre in Mirapuri is the place for establishing the conscious contact with the living presence of Sri Aurobindo and Mira Alfassa – The Mother who are the spiritual founders of Mirapuri and their treasures of Knowledge, Love and Kindness for Renewal and luminous Future Building.

Michel Montecrossa about Mirakali’s ‘Miravinci’ Movie:
“Mirakali’s Peace Meditation Movie about the Miravinci generously gives the taste of a precious experience coming from the higher sphere of our existence.”

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