Featured: Series of Paintings by Michel Montecrossa ‘Earth Story – Segment 1’ – ‘Earth Story – Segment 6’

Michel Montecrossa‘s series of paintings ‘Earth Story – Segment 1’ – ‘Earth Story Segment 6’

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All Michel Montecrossa Paintings and Drawings can be seen as previews: michelmontecrossa.com/gallery/paintings-drawings/

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Upcoming Screening: Director’s Cut Of Michel Montecrossa’s Reality Rocker 21, Part I: New Day

Friday, 30th January, 2015, from 20:00 (8:00 pm) screening of the Director’s Cut of Reality Rocker 21, Part I: New DayMichel Montecrossa‘s provocating, powerful and sexy Musical series in eight parts (6 original movies & 2 bonus movies) The screening takes place at the New Art Cinema in the Filmaur Multimedia House near Munich, Germany.

Address & Contact:
New Art Cinema in the Filmaur Multimedia House
Danziger Str. 1; 82131 Gauting (near Munich)
t: +49-(0)89-850 8555

About the movie
Filmaur Multimedia proudly presents Michel Montecrossa’s provocating, powerful and sexy Reality Rocker 21 Musical series in eight parts (6 original movies & 2 bonus movies).
The Reality Rocker 21 Musical series is Michel Montecrossa’s fascinating ‘Je suis Charlie’ style erotic satire on human conditionality, confronting human sex neurosis and love fear with the power of music, free mind poetry and overground cinéma vérité.
Reality Rocker 21 is Michel Montecrossa Rock Cinema pure. It is wild, passionate, borderless, sensual and erotic movie-art creating through the breath-taking fusion of powerful images with powerful rock songs the intense experience-world of freedom and love, battle and conquest, hope and glory which saves our liberty and humanity and takes a strong stand against radicalization, brainwash, terror, dogmatism and dehumanization.

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Michel Montecrossa’s New-Topical-Song ‘Allah’s Advent’ now on bandcamp

‘Allah’s Advent’ is Michel Montecrossa’s New-Topical-Song-Movement Audio Single released by Mira Sound Germany dedicated to respecting faith as an expression of freedom. Michel Montecrossa released the song and movie ‘Allah’s Advent’ to express his point of view about faith at a time when religions, politics and all kinds of power-games were mixed up in the collective mind of all humanity with the tendency of creating a big mess and confusion. Michel Montecrossa thinks that in all this the violation of faith is certainly the most unnecessary and perfectly useless activity as it hurts something of the most private and intimate innerness of every human being and does not help to bring the various cultures together in a common spirit of tolerance, respect and understanding. It is for this tolerance, respect and understanding that Michel Montecrossa made the song and movie ‘Allah’s Advent’.

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New Blog Pages added – Books, Movies & New-Topical-Song-Movement

Wege des Menschen (Autor: Michel Montecrossa)

Recently new blog pages have been added and other pages are now easier to find:

New page – Books: https://michelmontecrossaliveblog.wordpress.com/michel-montecrossa-books/

New Page – Movies: https://michelmontecrossaliveblog.wordpress.com/michel-montecrossa-movies/

The page ‘Paintings & drawings’: https://michelmontecrossaliveblog.wordpress.com/all-paintings-drawings-photography-digital-art-art-objects-by-michel-montecrossa/


The page ‘New-Topical-Song-Movement: https://michelmontecrossaliveblog.wordpress.com/new-topical-song-movement-part-iii-2014-now/

The page ‘New-Topical-Song-Movement, Part II, 2012 & 2013: https://michelmontecrossaliveblog.wordpress.com/new-topical-song-movement-part-iii-2014-now/new-topical-song-movement-part-ii-2012-now/

The page ‘New-Topical-Song-Movement, Part III, 2006 – 2011: https://michelmontecrossaliveblog.wordpress.com/new-topical-song-movement-part-iii-2014-now/michel-montecrossas-new-topical-song-movement/


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