Two Michel Montecrossa New-Topical-Songs for Free Education on bandcamp

Michel Montecrossa says about ‘Talkin’ Chile’s Camila Vallejo’:
“It’s a song and movie for the Education Reform Movement in Chile and its rebel leader Camila Vallejo.”

Read here the song lyrics

More songs and movies:



Read here the song lyrics

Michel Montecrossa says about ‘Talking Camila Vallejo Warning – Restricted Education Leads To Modern-Day Slavery’:

“In Chile the students are fighting for their future. A marathon-protest of ten thousands is taking to the streets. It’s a protest against expensive private universities, expensive private schools and against thousands of dollars which the students have to pay for five years of study and fifty years of debt-payment.
Education in Chile as well as in all parts of the world has become a target for shameless profit-making as has the hunt after land, water, food and energy resources – a hunt that creates future fear, poverty, slavery and a free world only for the rich.
Modern-day slavery comes through restricted education wanting to keep the intelligent poor out of power. The modern-day slave of the rich is the undereducated, underpayed and not at all payed worker.
The world knows Chile’s Camila Vallejo for taking a stand for free education and for the young future of the country. Camila Vallejo is Warning hard-line politos that violence is rising if they show no mercy, no understanding.
In my song ‘Talking Camila Vallejo Warning – Restricted Education Leads To Modern-Day Slavery’ I say that intelligence and love are God’s freedom gifts for all humanity. That’s why education must be free everywhere for humanity to unfold.”

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