‘Talking Greece, Eurasia And The New EU – Über Griechenland, Eurasien Und Die Neue EU Reden’ Michel Montecrossa’s New-Topical-Song-Movement Audio Single, DVD and Download dedicated to debt relief for Greece

With his New-Topical-Song Talking Greece, Eurasia And The New EU – Über Griechenland, Eurasien Und Die Neue EU Reden, released by Mira Sound Germany on Audio Single, DVD and as Download, Michel Montecrossa takes a determined stand for full debt relief for Greece as a decisive step towards a new EU. The old EU performed laughable masterpieces of devastatingly wrong and ridiculously incompetent political actions ranging from Russia sanctions, anti-Eurasia arrogance and dangerously criminal Ukraine sell-out deals to the total rip-off of Greece and possibly of other EU nations in the near future.
Michel Montecrossa says that it is high time to change the total outlook on the EU into the Eurasian direction and towards a new EU bridging the gulf between Eurasia and the USA through a new political and economic ethics of helping all EU nations out of trouble instead of pushing them always deeper into bankruptcy for the benefit of speculator gangs. A new EU helping the EU nations to come out of debts is possible, needed and wanted by the European people. Michel Montecrossa’s warning New-Topical-Song ‘Talking Greece, Eurasia And The New EU – Über Griechenland, Eurasien Und Die Neue EU Reden’ comes at a historical moment which might well be the decisive moment for a great future of Europe or a great downfall.

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Talking Greece, Eurasia and the new EU

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Michel Montecrossa says about his New-Topical-Song ‘Talking Greece, Eurasia And The New EU – Über Griechenland, Eurasien Und Die Neue EU Reden’:
“The true European Spirit is the Spirit of sharing with all and of helping each other to come out of debts. Greece and every EU nation must be debt free through EU cooperation and must be active partners for Eurasian Union building for the strong and prosperous future of a new EU.”

Michel Montecrossa sagt über seinen New-Topical-Song ‘Talking Greece, Eurasia And The New EU – Über Griechenland, Eurasien Und Die Neue EU Reden’:
“Der wahre europäische Spirit zeigt sich als Spirit der Bereitschaft mit allen zu teilen und sich gegenseitig aus Schulden herauszuhelfen. Griechenland und jedes EU Land müssen durch EU Zusammenarbeit schuldenfrei sein und aktiv teilnehmen am Entstehen der Eurasischen Union für die starke und blühende Zukunft einer neuen EU.”

Greece holds the key to the new EU. / Griechenland ist der Schlüssel für die neue EU. / Greece must stand for complete debt relief. / Griechenland muss ihn verlangen: den ganzen Schuldenerlass.
Greece must liberate the people of Greece / Griechenland muss befreien die griechischen Leute / and Greece must liberate the entire EU / und Griechenland muss befreien die ganze EU
from criminal disaster-polito-banking / von Gauner Desaster-Polito-Banking, / plundering and enslaving our nations. / das unsere Nationen plündert und versklavt.
A debt free Greece for the new EU, / ein schuldenfreies Griechenland für die neue EU, / a new EU of real value banking, / eine neue EU des Echtwert Bankings,
A new EU of sharing and helping each other / eine neue EU des Teilens und des einander Helfens / to boost the real value of our work. / um den Echtwert unserer Arbeit stark zu machen.
Greece is the key for the new EU / Griechenland ist der Schlüssel für die neue EU / ready for Eurasian future building. / bereit für Eurasische Zukunftsgestaltung.
Greece must join Eurasia to save the EU / Griechenland mit Eurasien kann die EU retten / and start the new EU with big Eurasia business. / und die neue EU beginnen mit großen Eurasien Geschäften.
Greece must be the EU example / Griechenland muss das EU Vorbild sein / for a debt free future of a new EU. / Für die schuldenfreie Zukunft einer neuen EU.
Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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