Featured video: ‘Love and Listen’ – Michel Montecrossa live at the Mirapuri World Peace Festival

Watch Michel Montecrossa’s live-performance of the song ‘Love and Listen’ at the Mirapuri World Peace Festival

Michel Montecrossa Homepage: www.MichelMontecrossa.com

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Song Lyrics

Love and Listen

This ain’t good. / The inner lecture of the idiotic mind. / Are you intelligent enough to blow your mind? / Police and protesters are all in the prison. / Government laws are as good as poison.
This ain’t good. / The family of nations without major change. / Disasters used for political games. / On the Mexican border a new world is emergin’. / No blazing heat can stop big talkin’.
This is good. / Will you must have and a goal, / hope you must have and a soul, / endurance always makes you stronger / and vision always makes you younger.
This is good. / You can survive if you want to live. / Love is joy and power to give. / Healthy you are if you do the good. / To choose the right will strengthen the root.
This you should do: / End the lecture of your idiotic mind / be sweet and true, knowing and kind. / The future is wide and it ain‘t no prison. / The future is free if you love and listen.

– Michel Montecrossa

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