Maya Eagle Energy Ceremony at the Miravinci for strengthening the new age of the Divine Love

Maya Eagle Energy Ceremony at the Miravinci the meditation centre of Mirapuri for strengthening the new age of the Divine Love

– posted by Michel Montecrossa on facebook:

There is a deep and True Consciousness
in which all can meet in love and harmony.
Mira Alfassa – The Mother

On Tuesday, 21st July 2015 at the Miravinci, the meditation centre of Mirapuri, starting at 10 a.m. the Maya Eagle Energy Ceremony will be performed by Venerable Abuela Nah Kin on the ceremonial place in front of the Miravinci together with all participants. The Venerable Abuela Nah Kin is the spiritual leader of the Solar Mayan Tradition.

More about the Venerable Abuela Nah Kin and the Maya Eagle Energy Ceremony
More about the Maya Eagle & Condor Ceremony:


Miravinci, the meditation center of Mirapuri








Venerable Abuela Nah Kin









Birgit Nicte Can, member of Venerable Abuela Nah Kin’s community explains:
“The purpose of this maya ceremony is to bring the Divine Love to Earth, so to allow all the beings to break the mental limitations of the mind and become Light beings. We want to do this sacred
ceremony to bring the maya seal of “11 MEN”, because in a sacred community it’s easier to bring all the
higher blessings to the Earth: a Spiritual Community is the focus of divine light working in every person living there. The Venerable Abuela Nah Kin has felt that it is to the north of Italy that we
have to bring the Eagle Energy of the upcoming Mayan New Year that starts on July
The ceremony will be guided by the Venerable Abuela Nah Kin, spiritual leader of the Solar Mayan Tradition, with the assistance of her husband, Master Alberto Arribalzaga, and the company of the
Masters of our Tradition.

The ceremony lasts one hour, and we do the 4 directions greetings, and the greeting to the Mother Earth, the Father Sun, and to all the community of beings. We do some practice with the Solar Mayan Breathing (deep breathings by the mouth than connect us with the spiritual consciousness). We will lead some praying, invocations, and we will offer a mystical communion experience that allows us to bring the solar photons of light to the Mother Earth to fulfill the purpose of this ceremony.

For the ceremony we will be around 10 persons of our Solar Mayan Tradition, but we invite everyone who wants to come to share this ceremony with us. (see contact information below)

All the things we need for the ceremony we will bring ourselves: the prehispanic censer than holds the sacred fire, the ecological candle, the bowls with the sacred water, the seashell, drum and prehispanic jingle for the sounds, the flowers. The other persons that want to be at the ceremony, please bring a candle to work
with the Sacred Fire from their interior power to bring blessings to the world.“

For all who want to join the Maya Eagle Energy Ceremony at the Miravinci:
We’ll meet at 9:00 (am) at the Omnidiet Resort and Business Hotel (see Address and Contact below)
On 9:15 am we start going together to the Miravinci.

Contact for people who want to participate at the ceremony:
Omnidiet Resort and Business Hotel
Via Monte Falò 8
28011 Mirapuri-Coiromonte
Prov. di Novara
tel: 0322-999009

Mirapuri, the City of Peace and Futureman in Europe, Italy:

From Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (page 209) by John Perkins:
Nearly every culture I know prophesies that in the late 1990’s we entered a period of remarkable transition. At monasteries in the Himalayas, ceremonial sites in Indonesia, and indigenous reservations in North America, from the depths of the Amazon to the peaks of the Andes, and into the ancient Mayan cities of Central America, I have heard that ours is a special moment in human history, and that each of us was born at this time because we have a mission to accomplish.
The titles and the words of the prophecies differ slightly. They tell variously of a New Age, the Third Millennium, the Age of Aquarius, the Beginning of the Fifth Sun, or the end of old calendars and the commencement of new ones. Despite the varying terminologies, however, they have a great deal in common, and “The Prophecy of the Condor and Eagle” is typical. It states that back in the mists of history, human societies divided and took different paths: that of the condor (representing the heart, intuitive and mystical) and that of the eagle (representing the brain, rational and material). In the 1490’s, the prophesy said, the two paths would converge and the eagle would drive the condor to the verge of extinction. Then, five hundred years later, in the 1990’s a new epoch would begin, one in which the condor and the eagle will have the opportunity to reunite and fly together in the same sky, along the same path. If the condor and eagle accept this opportunity, they will create a most remarkable offspring, unlike any seen before.
“The Prophecy of the Condor and Eagle” can be taken at many levels — the standard interpretation is that it foretells the sharing of indigenous knowledge with the technologies of science, the balancing of yin and yang, and the bridging of northern and southern cultures. However, most powerful is the message it offers about consciousness; it says that we have entered a time when we can benefit from the many diverse ways of seeing ourselves and the world, and that we can use these as a springboard to higher levels of awareness. As human beings we can truly wake up and evolve into a more conscious species.

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