Songs for the UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants on 19th September 2016

Dedicating this blog post to today’s UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants (September, 19th 2016) with a playlist of New-Topical-Songs by Topical Songwriter Michel Montecrossa about refugees and poverty migrants.

Talking Refugees Blues – Über Flüchtlinge Sprechen – press release here

‘Refugees – The Big E.U. Solution / Flüchtlinge – Die Große E.U. Lösung’, press release here

‘Talking Poverty Migrants & Extreme Poverty Rising’ – song about love and sweetness ending the horror of poverty, press release here

Rettet Die Willkommens Kultur – Save The Welcome Culture – see pres release here

‘Refugees Blues – Flüchtlinge Blues’ – see the press release for the ‘Rettet Die Willkommens Kultur Reloaded’ Concert here

More songs and movies:

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