Music Worlds Monday 6 – Songs & videos by Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali

Welcome to Music Worlds Monday 6 – enjoying the start of this week with a selection of great New-Topical, Cyberrock & Electronica Songs & videos by Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali from various albums.

Michel Montecrossa says:
“The world is passing through one of the decisive moments of the earth’s history, for now the time has come and the earth has entered the process of becoming the Bright Earth.
That’s why the ordinary outlook on things and the ordinary way of life lose their value. We increasingly feel the presence of something new and unprecedented. It is the action of a mighty Love that is growing stronger every day, that is changing all and is finally revealing the Bright Earth as a living reality visible to all.
This change has begun but our smallness cries out against all that is new and unprecedented with egoism, hostility and unwillingness. We must rather open ourselves to what is coming and welcome through receptivity and goodwill the liberating love and action of the Bright Earth, for her Love World Action saves. About this action I sing together with Mirakali and Diana Antara at the ‘Love World Action Saves’ Concert.”

Love World Action Saves; Genre: Electronica & New-Topical-Song


Back On Stage, Back On Earth (by Mirakali); Genre: Electronica

Living Celebration Of Humanity; Genre: CyberRock

Strong Love, Strong Life (by Mirakali); Genre: Electronica & CyberRock


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