Complete Text & video: ‘My Movies’ – Speech and movie excerpts by Michel Montecrossa about his art of movie making

Complete Text of ‘My Movies’ – a stimulating speech by Michel Montecrossa about his art of movie making. The speech was held at the International Free Cinema Film Festival in Mirapuri ( The video of the speech contains excerpts from the movie ‘The House Of Time‘ and the New-Topical-Song-Movie ‘Talkin‘ Future World‘.

‘My Movies’ Speech by Michel Montecrossa

“My movies are there for stimulating awareness. A stimulation which then can lead to consciousness change. This is the purpose of my movies, the movies I create together with my artist-friend, partner and love Mirakali. At the International Free Cinema Filmfestival in Mirapuri we present this movies so that everyone can get the experience, can find the way into a new consciousness awareness. All my movies are centered around the energy, the poetry of my songs and their content. This content is concentrated on dealing with the various ways of solution for the great topical problems of our days. My artistic work is a work for the people, whether they be poor or rich, whether they are young or old and so are my movies for the people. They are born out of the need of the people, out of the reality of their life which is also the reality of my life. There are movies with feature film length like ‘The House Of Time’ which leads you into the awareness that can open the power for consciousness change, a change which you can apply to the experience of your life. ‘The House Of Time’ is a movie which can lead to freedom of perception, a perception which is your own perception, which is not prefabricated, which is not imposed on you but comes out of your various levels of understanding. ‘The House Of Time’ is an invitation to enter the multidimensional layers of your own psychological structure, it is an invitation to enter these structures, to experience them in your own unique way, to regroup them and to get in touch with an enormous creative potential of the joy of life which is embedded in your own psychological nature. Everything in the brain is hungry, is ready for stimulation. Every awareness comes out, emerges from a stimulating impulse. And these stimulations, this growing awareness can lead further to the wish for change of consciousness. This is so because sooner or later you find out that you are when you are conscious. The more you are conscious, the more you are there. And everything you become conscious of becomes for you reality. There are so many levels of reality. To explore this levels of reality you have to enter the vast journey of consciousness change. Then you will understand that every reality, whether it be an artistic reality, a scientific reality, a political or philosophical reality, whether it be a religious, a spiritual reality or an unbound consciousness reality: that they are all real in your own individual consciousness once you wake up to the possibilities of this consciousness. Therefore I say that my movies are there for stimulating you to become aware and even more than to become aware to stimulate you to find your own ways of consciousness change. In my movies you are invited to get to know my ways of consciousness change. And these ways are the union of three ways: that of the image – the movie, that of the sound – the music and that of the word – the poetry. All three unite and come together in my movies. ‘The House Of Time’ is one example for this archetypal and futuristic journey of becoming aware and becoming conscious. Another way are my Short Movies, the New-Topical-Song-Movies which evolve as the world and history happens. These New-Topical-Song-Movies enter through the door of an event, of a situation on earth, into a widening awareness of what these events mean on always more levels of consciousness. And in the essence of this event I look for the answer, for the solution to the problem, to the answer to the question which this particular event poses to humanity. And all of this I touch with my movies, I touch with my songs, I touch with my poetry, and bring it into contact with the inherent solution in all these events. These Short Movies, these New-Topical-Song-Movies may deal with the Real Democracy Movement in Spain as well as with the Young Europe Awakening and many other events and new impulses which emerge in our world. And all these Short Movies are part of a greater symphony of images, of words, of sounds and melodies which later can be combined, can be put together for a longer movie. For this combination I have created the ‘Vision & Action’ Movie which brings together the motives of 27 New-Topical-Song-Movies creating an epic movie which is a conscious image of the world as it evolves today and is also a conscious image of the world as it will be in the future. I look from the present into the future and I define the moments of my movies from the point of view of the future looking toward the present. This is the meaning and magic of my movies. And therefore I say: My movies are there for stimulating awareness. A stimulation which then can lead to consciousness change.”

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