Song & Lyrics Spotlight: ‘Woman & Man, Man & Woman’ by Michel Montecrossa

Song & Lyrics Spotlight: ‘Woman & Man, Man & Woman’ by Michel Montecrossa 

Woman & Man, Man & Woman

Woman and man, man and woman.
Earth and heaven, heaven and earth.
The long way is longer without the one you love.
The answer is simple: together we are strong.

The rain is heavy, wild is the storm.
The center of the cyclon is peace and calm.
You may fight and struggle through error and pain.
Behind the clouds the sun is always the same.

I have the eyes of a child that sees
the golden world of heaven, free,
the vision of love, the only real
where we melt into each other as eternity.

I love you, baby, I’m your tender man
and you love me, honey, you are my wonder-girl.
Life is simple when we are true,
life is sweet with me and you.

Woman and man, man and woman.
The story, I tell you, is not meant to end.
It is there forever to make us wake up,
brings light into the shadow, is the blood of our heart,

the heart that is singin’ the meldoy of bliss,
the heart that is givin’ the warmth of your lips,
the warmth of the woman, the warmth of the man.
And when you turn around, you’ll see me again.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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Watch the Preview of ‘The Looking Forward’ Acoustic & Electric Concert during which this song has been recorded


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