Song & Lyrics Spotlight: ‘Planet Kid’ by Michel Montecrossa


Song & Lyrics Spotlight: ‘Planet Kid’ by Michel Montecrossa 

Planet Kid

Planet Kid is a-comin’ from the golden shore. / She won’t be in trouble, won’t have broken bones / when she fights with power of cyberelectrons. / Planet Kid’s a-walkin’ down the road of storm.

Planet Kid will come with her alien-gang. / Planet Kid will check out if you are the friend.

Planet Kid is master of all the magic keys, / she is the wild dreamer of the real, / the enemy she is of all that kills the feel. / Planet Kid’s a-laughin’, seein’ your

Planet Kid is wise with the universal goal. / Planet Kid’s home is the cosmic whole.

Planet Kid’s stride is fertile and straight, / she is the being givin’ through the vast, / givin’ the wonders far beyond your thought. / Planet Kid is laughin’ with unnumbered stars.

Planet Kid is movin’ with mountains and with streams. / Planet Kid: the speed overcomin’ limit-wheels.

Planet Kid, I tell you, is the in-between. / Where she is rules end and freedom sings. / She is the door, she is the more: / Planet Kid’s a-blazin’ with joy and love.

She is the milky way and the unknown star. / She was always there, right from the start.

Planet Kid’s a-comin’ from the golden all. / She won’t be in trouble, she always knows / the flight to the impossible, the other shore. / Planet Kid, woman, girl and sweetest soul.

Warrior heart, light of infinity’s thought! / Splendor of heaven, victory’s firedance of love!

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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Images: stills from Michel Montecrossa’s COURAGE & LOVE CLIMATE CHANGE MUSICAL ‘THE HOUSE OF TIME PART I – EVERY MOMENT’, for information, trailers:

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