Hot Tracks 86: Top Songs by Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali

This week’s Hot Tracks features a new song selection by Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali

Talking Economic Report (by Michel Montecrossa), Genre: acoustic New-Topical-Song

Die Große Feier (by Michel Montecrossa); Genre: CyberRock

Friedens Rock [Peace Rock] by Michel Montecrossa; Genre: CyberRock/Dance-Electronica

Memories Of Tomorrow (by Mirakali), Genre: Electronica

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Image above: Michel Montecrossa is interviewed by a German TV-Channel during the event ‘Der Grosse Frieden’ in Auerstedt

Video: Michel Montecrossa’s CyberRock/Dance-Electronica Song ‘Friedens Rock’ (Peace Rock)

Today’s Art: ’5 Impressions’ – Shamana-Painting by Michel Montecrossa

Today’s Art: the Shamana-Painting ’5 Impressions’ by Michel Montecrossa

5 Impressions - ink painting by Michel Montecrossa

Description: ’5 Impressions’, Mirapuri, 31st May 2014, ink on handmade paper 24 x 24 cm

All Michel Montecrossa Paintings and Drawings are available as High Resolution Digital Art Prints on canvas, either in standard-size A1 (59,4 cm x 84,1 cm) for 1000 €uro each plus shipping or on demand in other formats.

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New Exhibition: the ‘LOOKING FORWARD’ Art Exhibition 2017/2019 of Michel Montecrossa’s new  paintings and drawings at the New Art Gallery in the Filmaur Multimedia House (Danziger Str. 1, 82131 Gauting, Germany, ), more information about the exhibition you find here

Read here about ‘THE ENERGY OF ART’ ART EXHIBITION of Michel Montecrossa paintings and drawings at the Mirapuri New Art Gallery (Mirapuri-Coiromonte, Italy)

Song & Lyrics Spotlight: ‘The Road Of Love & Sweetness Song’ by Michel Montecrossa

The Road Of Love & Sweetness Concert

Song & Lyrics Spotlight: read the lyrics & listen to ‘The Road Of Love & Sweetness Song’ by Michel Montecrossa 

The Road Of Love & Sweetness Song

Come gather ’round friends of love I sing,
of the Love and Sweetness Road.
Love and Sweetness indeed are the Road
leading to a better world.

Oh, what more can I say?
What more can I bring?
Love and Sweetness are all, my friends,
Love and Sweetness always will win.

The Road of Love and Sweetness, friends,
leads humanity through all that yearns
for good days of happiness
and smiles and lovers and friends.

Of lasting peace it sings
and children bright.
Love and Sweetness are all, my friend,
Love and Sweetness bring the light.

On the Road of Love and Sweetness, girl,
we walk, two souls that are one.
Love and Sweetness forever are
the beginning, the way, the end.

Oh, what more is there to say,
except: “It’s all within!”
Love and Sweetness are all, my girl,
Love and Sweetness always will win.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

Michel Montecrossa says:
“The Road Of Love & Sweetness Concert sings of the One Road wide enough to lead us all to the best goal of the world: to world unity and the living celebration of humanity born from the love and sweetness of our soul.”

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Image above: Cover of Michel Montecrossa’s live album ‘Road Of Love & Sweetness Concert’