Sunday Song Selection 40: great songs by Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali

Welcome to the fortieth Sunday Song Selection presenting more great Songs by Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali

Let’s Work With Love & Sweetness Song (by Michel Montecrossa); Genre: 21st Century Viking Song / CyberRock

Sehnsucht Der Liebe (Mirakali); Genre: Electronica

Talking EU & Russia Understanding (by Michel Montecrossa); Genre: acoustic New-Topical-Song

Mondkuss Lust – Moonkiss Passion (by Michel Montecrossa); Genre: Cyberschlager / Dance-Electronica

Concert Video: DVD-Preview with selected songs from Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Liebe & Herzlichkeits Kraft – Love & Sweetness Power’ Concert

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Image above: Mirakali live on stage at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri, Italy (

Festival Movie: ‘Kisses from the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2014 in Mirapuri, Italy’

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‘Kisses from the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2014 In Mirapuri, Italy’Michel Montecrossa’s special collection of 16 Festival Hit Songs, released by Mira Sound Germany on Audio CD, DVD or as Download. With the ‘Kisses from the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2014 in Mirapuri, Italy’ Michel Montecrossa together with Mirakali, Diana Antara and his band The Chosen Few sing of the Love & Sweetness World of the Free Music Revolution.

The songs:
Festival Of Love & Sweetness’, ‘Free Love & Sweetness – Liebe Frei Und Herzlichtkeit’, ‘Ich Bin Der Typ – I’m The One’, ‘Gutes Mädchen, Böses Maedchen: Es Ist Doch Ganz Egal!’, ‘Mondkuss Lust – Moonkiss Passion’, ‘Strong Is My Love & Sweetness World’, ‘Powerful Free Love – No Isis Rule’, ‘Love, Stars And Children’, ‘Talking Peace That Lasts’, ‘Everything For Love’, ‘Odin’s Daughter’, ‘Viking Power’, ‘Went To See The Gypsy’, ‘Dreamspace Of Love & Sweetness’, ‘It’s A Good Place – A Good Place To Be’, ‘Met You In Paradise

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Michel Montecrossa says about ‘Kisses from the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2014 In Mirapuri’:
“The ‘Kisses from the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2014 in Mirapuri’ DVD and CD present 16 Hit-Songs from our 2014 festival-performance of more than 170 songs which we played during the ten ­festival days from 25th July to 3rd August 2014.
For me and my band the Spirit of Woodstock ­Festival in ­Mirapuri is a ­genuinely touching event of Love World Action where our songs stand as ­messengers of Light and Truth in times of merciless ­cynicism and brutal mass manipulation. All our music tells of a ­Future of Harmony that offers itself to be ­proclaimed to the world.
‘Kisses from the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2014 in Mirapuri’ ­freely carries the message of this future to everyone‘s heart and mind and soul to comfort and drive away isolation, loneliness and discouragement.”

The Songs(Click the song title to read the lyrics):

  1. Festival Of Love & Sweetness
  2. Free Love & Sweetness – Liebe Frei Und Herzlichkeit
  3. Ich Bin Der Typ – I’m The One
  4. Gutes Mädchen, Böses Mädchen: Es Ist Doch Ganz Egal!
  5. Mondkuss Lust – Moonkiss Passion
  6. Strong Is My Love & Sweetness World
  7. Powerful Free Love – No Isis Rule
  8. Love, Stars And Children
  9. Talking Peace That Lasts
  10. Everything For Love
  11. Odin’s Daughter
  12. Viking Power
  13. Went To See The Gypsy
  14. Dreamspace Of Love & Sweetness
  15. It’s A Good Place – A Good Place To Be
  16. Met You In Paradise

Today’s Art: ‘Suzon’ – drawing by Michel Montecrossa

Today’s Art: ’Suzon’ – drawing by Michel Montecrossa

Suzon - drawing by Michel Montecrossa


All Michel Montecrossa Paintings and Drawings are available as High Resolution Digital Art Prints on canvas, either in standard-size A1 (59,4 cm x 84,1 cm) for 1000 €uro each plus shipping or on demand in other formats.

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New Exhibition: the ‘LOOKING FORWARD’ Art Exhibition 2017/2019 of Michel Montecrossa’s new  paintings and drawings at the New Art Gallery in the Filmaur Multimedia House (Danziger Str. 1, 82131 Gauting, Germany, ), more information about the exhibition you find here

Read here about ‘THE ENERGY OF ART’ ART EXHIBITION of Michel Montecrossa paintings and drawings at the Mirapuri New Art Gallery (Mirapuri-Coiromonte, Italy)

Song & Lyrics Spotlight: ‘No Sugar’ by Michel Montecrossa

Song & Lyrics Spotlight: read the lyrics & listen to the New-Topical-Song ‘No Sugar’ by Michel Montecrossa 

No Sugar

I’m a man free and living,
I’m a man that knows love.
I’m a man not imprisoned.
I’m a man and not sugar for the soft.

No more troops, no more violence.
No more war, no more hate.
I’m a-turnin’ to the mighty grace,
to the way of love and peace.

I’m a man free and lovin’,
I’m a man with a heart.
I’m a man not imprisoned.
I’m a man and not sugar for the smart.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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Image above: Michel Montecrossa at the ‘The UFO Landed Reloaded’ Unplugged Concert in the Riva del Tempo Restaurant in Mirapuri, Italy