Sunday Song Selection 41: ‘Green Tomorrow’ – 5 Climate Change & Eco-Hit Songs by Michel Montecrossa

Green Tomorrow, Maxi-Single, vorne.indd

Eco-Activist Michel Montecrossa‘s ‘5 Green Tomorrow Eco-Hits’ presenting five Michel Montecrossa Eco-Hits for the United Nations Climate Change Conference: ‘Green Tomorrow’, ‘Are You Gettin’ Ready?’, ‘Another World’, ‘Sunray Revolution’ and ‘Living On A Planet’.

‘5 Green Tomorrow Eco-Hits’ released by Mira Sound Germany as Audio Maxi-Single, presents five Michel Montecrossa Eco-Hits for the United Nations Climate Change Conference: ‘Green Tomorrow‘, ‘Are You Gettin’ Ready?‘ (read here the lyrics), ‘Another World‘ (read here the lyrics), ‘Sunray Revolution‘ (read here the lyrics), ‘Living On A Planet (read here the lyrics)

Download the Maxi-Single from iTunes 5 Green Tomorrow Eco-Hits - Michel Montecrossa


Michel Montecrossa’s message for the United Nations Climate Change Conference:

“Let it be a beginning of the way towards World Unity and the creation of the United States of Planet Earth.”

Michel Montecrossa: Voice and writer- composer of great up to date Eco-Solution Hit-Songs
For more see:

Michel Montecrossa: Eco-Activist financing, organizing and realizing large scale afforestation, development of low-energy-houses and the building of Mirapuri – the Eco City of Peace and Futureman in Europe, Italy

Song Lyrics


Green tomorrow is a question of the whole life.
It’s not a question of only to survive.
It’s not a question of how to pay the price.
It’s a question of a growing light.

Green tomorrow will it come?
Yes, if we take the plunge
into change of consciousness,
if we boldly go where no one has ever dared, find new ways of being aware.
Green tomorrow will be there,
green tomorrow of the earth.

Green tomorrow for the teams
on the timeless bumpy road.
Green tomorrow training tour
turning everything ‘round.
Green tomorrow means selling of the plan.
Green tomorrow means challenges ahead …

Green tomorrow means efforts ramping up.
Green tomorrow is not just holding of summits
or boyfriends accused, or victims and girls.
Nor is green tomorrow a terror campaign.

Torture camps are not the green tomorrow,
nor police functioning and starvation.
Craziness and accusations aren’t the dynamics of green education.

Causes and solutions or total collapse:
Green tomorrow is more than media-freedom.
Green tomorrow is perspective of the unborn.
Alternative sources, global workforce:
Green tomorrow is always much more.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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