Sounds on Thursday 39: orchestral music by Michel Montecrossa – ‘Future World’s Heart’

Continuing the Sounds on Thursday blog post series with the orchestral track ‘Future World’s Heart’ by Michel Montecrossa, taken from his New Year Meditation Music 2011 with the title ‘Future World Symphony’ that you can download here from iTunes:– to listen to more tracks from the album click here

More symphonic and orchestral music by michel Montecrossa you find here:

Michel Montecrossa’s uplifting New Year Meditation Music 2011 with the title ‘Future World Symphony’ released by Mira Sound Germany as Audio-CD with 4 instrumentals and a message by Mira Alfassa is a homage to the famous musician-artist and consciousness liberation fighter Mira Alfassa – The Mother. Michel Montecrossa’s New Year Meditation Music ‘Future World Symphony’ is inspired by an opening tune played by Mira Alfassa and her New Year Message.

The Mother’s Message (in English):
“She came to show what can be and will be. And that gives the energy to fulfill.”

The Mother’s Message (in French):
“From the way things are worked out upon Earth, it with certainty is a consciousness of a higher order which enters a form and helps to transform it so that this form shall become – either immediately or through several generations – capable of manifesting this consciousness.”

The Instrumentals:

Overture: Joy Of The Future World, with The Mother’s Message
Music by Mira Alfassa – The Mother together With Sunil Bhattacharya and Michel Montecrossa
Future World’s Glory
Future Moment
Finale: Future World’s Heart

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Song & Lyrics Spotlight: ‘I’m Seeing Things Different’ by Michel Montecrossa

Song & Lyrics Spotlight: read the lyrics & listen to ‘I’m Seeing Things Different’ by Michel Montecrossa taken from his ‘The Need Of The People’ Climate Change Concert that you can read about here.

Michel Montecrossa Homepage:

I’m Seeing Things Different

When I catch your dream falling off the tree
of so many marvels,
and when I see you standing there
watching the passin’ time of carousels,
I know: “I’m seeing the things different.”

They make so much out of everything,
but behind the curtain for sure there is
another truth.
It is not easy to forget, nor is it easy
to forgive, but then: “I’m seein’ things different.”

Time is the riddle and the clue:
you know it’s the question of real You.
But now it’s not so easy to come to know,
it’s all so much a pretty show and me,
I’m fightin’ to see beyond the difference.

On one of the many outlines I could perceive
the unreality and the truth of dreams
and I gathered into myself
the unimaginable beauty of your sex and
mystic self
where things have changed into the difference.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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Movie: DVD-Preview of Michel Montecrossa’s ‘The Need Of The People’ Concert

Today’s Art: ‘Non-Linear Continuity Of Life’ – painting by Michel Montecrossa

Today’s Art: ‘Non-Linear Continuity Of Life’  – painting by Michel Montecrossa


Description: ‘Non-Linear Continuity Of Life’, Mirapuri, 2013, acryl on canvas, 80×100 cm

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