Music Worlds Monday 51 – Top Songs by Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali

Welcome to Music Worlds Monday 51 – enjoy the start of this week with 4 great Songs by Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali

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Planet (by Michel Montecrossa); Genre: CyberRock

Russia And America Rock (by Michel Montecrossa); Genre: CyberRock

Earth Goddess (by Mirakali); Genre: CyberRock

New President #2 (by Michel Montecrossa); Genre: CyberRock

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Image above: Cover of Michel Montecrossa’s live-album of the ‘Planet’ Peace & Climate Change Concert

Music & Art Mix 23 – Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali

PART 23 of the MUSIC & ART MIX series featuring songs, paintings, movies and photos by Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali

Michel Montecrossa’s CyberRock song ‘The Living Celebration Of Humanity’

Mirakali’s Electronica Song ‘Ocean’

Michel Montecrossa’s painting ‘Wondering’

Wondering - painting by Michel Montecrossa

Photo by Mirakali – Colorful Sky & Branch

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New album: Michel Montecrossa’s ‘THE PULSE OF EUROPE’ Concert for the Mirapuri World Peace Festival 2017 in Mirapuri

The Pulse Of Europe Concert

Michel Montecrossa together with Mirakali, Diana Antara and their band The Chosen Few played the ‘The Pulse Of Europe’ Concert for the Mirapuri World Peace Festival 2017 presenting Cyberrock, Dance, Electronica and acoustic songs of Joy & Love on 1st July 2017 in the Hall of Fame of the Omnidiet Hotel in Mirapuri, Italy.
The songs are released by Mira Sound Germany and include great peace songs like the opening ‘Pulse of Europe Song’, ‘Talking About The Goal For All’, ‘Europe For Me & You’, ‘Summer In Your Heart’, ‘Love And Peace’ and ‘Do You Know?’

Talking About The Goal For All

Europe For Me & You

Pulse Of Europe Song

Summer In Your Heart

Love And Peace

Do You Know?

Michel Montecrossa says about the ‘The Pulse Of Europe’ Concert:
“‘The Pulse Of Europe’ Concert is about effective human potential expression and not just about childish politics. As long as we love as much as we can, we are in touch with whatever good can be.”

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The Songs:

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Movie release: Michel Montecrossa 5 New Christmas Songs from the album ‘Mein Weihnachten der Liebe – My Christmas of Love’

Michel Montecrossa presents 11 new Christmas Songs on his album ‘Mein Weihnachten Der Liebe – My Christmas Of Love’, released by Mira Sound Germany on Audio-CD, DVD and as Download. ‘Mein Weihnachten Der Liebe – My Christmas Of Love’ is a warm-hearted song contemplation by Michel Montecrossa on the meaning of Christmas as the experience of Joy and Love.
The opening song of the ‘Mein Weihnachten Der Liebe – My Christmas Of Love’ album is the German version of Michel Montecrossa’s Christmas Song 2017 with the title ‘Mein Weihnachten Der Liebe’, followed by the English version ‘My Christmas Of Love’. Both versions carry the same message of hope in two languages: “My Christmas of Love I give to you – Mein Weihnachten der Liebe schenke ich dir. Divine is the child that will come, the child of the future, of the future dawn – Göttlich ist das Kind, das kommen wird, das Kind der Zukunft und des neuen Morgens.”
The German and English title songs lead to the grand symphonic song-celebration of love with the title ‘All Your Dreams’, a celebration that continues with ‘My Love’, ‘What A Night’, the mother and child song ‘Natural Queen’ and the soulful love relation songs ‘Smile Of Light’, ‘Wonderin’ ’bout Your Beauty’, ‘In This Town’ and ‘Daylight’, leading to the final song of the album which is the acoustic guitar version of ‘My Christmas Of Love’.

Mein Weihnachten der Liebe - My Christmas Of Love

Mein Weihnachten Der Liebe

My Christmas Of Love

Natural Queen

My Christmas Of Love (acoustic version)

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Today’s Art: ‘Futurist Formula’ – painting by Michel Montecrossa

Today’s Art: ‘Futurist Formula’ – painting by Michel Montecrossa

All Michel Montecrossa Paintings and Drawings are available as High Resolution Digital Art Prints on canvas, either in standard-size A1 (59,4 cm x 84,1 cm) for 1000 €uro each plus shipping or on demand in other formats.

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Read here about the ‘LOOKING FORWARD’ Art Exhibition 2017/2019 of Michel Montecrossa’s new  paintings and drawings at the New Art Gallery in the Filmaur Multimedia House (Danziger Str. 1, 82131 Gauting, Germany,

Read here about ‘THE ENERGY OF ART’ ART EXHIBITION of Michel Montecrossa paintings and drawings at the Mirapuri New Art Gallery (Mirapuri-Coiromonte, Italy)