CyberRock Tuesday, part 99 – Michel Montecrossa sings Frank Sinatra

Today’s CyberRock Tuesday presents three songs of ‘Michel Montecrossa sings Frank Sinatra’ – all songs were recorded during Michel Montecrossa’ ‘Michel & Bob Dylan Fest’ at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival (the first song ‘Full Moon And Empty Arms’ in 2014 see this album, the second title ‘Melancholy Mood’ in 2016 see here and the song ‘I Could Have Told You’ 2017 is included on this live album here):

Full Moon And Empty Arms (Michel Montecrossa sings Frank Sinatra)

Melancholy Mood (Michel Montecrossa sings Frank Sinatra)

I Could Have Told You (Michel Montecrossa sings Frank Sinatra)

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More songs and movies:

Explore Michel Montecrossa’s art, music, movies, quotes and more on Twitter: and on his facebook page

Save the date: Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2018’ at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri (Italy) is set to take place on Thursday 26th July 2018 (

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