Michel Montecrossa Concert Treasures: Unforeseen You Concert, Part One

Michel Montecrossa Concert Treasures: Michel Montecrossa’s Unforeseen You Concert, Part One – recorded on February 17th, 2007.

The Songs: Unforeseen You, What’s The News, Your Love Is Teasin’, I Won’t Leave Her Alone, It’s The Whiskey In The Jar, The Place Of The Free, It’s A Question Of Consciousness, Talkin’ Collective Mind, Warm Body Blues, Don’t Wait For The Dead To Be A-Dyin’, My Love

“Cyberage”, says Michel Montecrossa, “offers an ocean of electricity, charged with highly virulent information symphonies to which I react at every nanosecond. Thus my songs and music appear in synchronicity with the universal movement as it dances on the consciousness horizon. Follow my songs and you can hear and read the cosmic story as it unfolds.”

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Image below: Michel Montecrossa live on stage