Michel Montecrossa’s Movie Treasures: ‘My Movies’ – Speech and movie excerpts by Michel Montecrossa about his art of movie making

Movie Treasures: a stimulating speech by Michel Montecrossa about his art of movie making. The speech was held at the International Free Cinema Film Festival in Mirapuri (www.Mirapuri-Filmfest.com). The video of the speech contains excerpts from the movie ‘The House Of Time‘ and the New-Topical-Song-Movie ‘Talkin‘ Future World‘. Read here the text of the complete speech.

Michel Montecrossa says about ‘My Movies’:
“My movies are there for stimulating awareness. A stimulation which then can lead to consciousness change. This is the purpose of my movies, the movies I create together with my artist-friend, partner and love Mirakali. At the International Free Cinema Filmfestival in Mirapuri we present these movies so that everyone can get the experience, can find the way into a new consciousness awareness. All my movies are centered around the energy, the poetry of my songs and their content. This content is concentrated on dealing with the various ways of solution for the great topical problems of our days. My artistic work is a work for the people, whether they be poor or rich, whether they are young or old and so are my movies for the people. They are born out of the need of the people, out of the reality of their life which is also the reality of my life.”

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