Michel Montecrossa’s Movie Treasures: ‘Vision & Action’ – New-Topical-Songs of worldwide awakening to freedom and true democracy

Movie Treasures: ‘Vision & Action’ – 27 New-Topical-Songs and Movies by Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali dedicated to the worldwide awakening to freedom and true democracy presents strong ethical songs of humanity and human unity. The powerful collection includes awareness-changing songs like ‘Living On A Planet’, ‘Cybergeneration’, ‘Family Of Man Song’, ‘Determined & Undeterred’, ‘The Need Of The People’, ‘Freedomfire Burnin’, ‘My Heart Is Bleedin’, ‘Talkin’ End Game – It’s The Radioactive Song’, ‘Besinnung’, ‘In The Street’ and ‘Tree On The Hill’ as well as great songs and movies by Mirakali like ‘Dreambirth’ and ‘Future Earth’ and 16 more down-to-earth reality songs.

Michel Montecrossa says about ‘Vision & Action’:
“My New-Topical-Song-Movement is there to bring to the people the songs that inspire and to bring them fast. To make CDs and DVDs, songbooks, programs, songsheets, concerts.
To distribute the songs globally via internet, shops, radio & TV and get the messages discussed and cited in newspapers, magazines, talk shows, social networks and gatherings.
The New-Topical-Songs are songs for the people and a world where we all vote, eat, work, talk, plan, think and love together so that your people will know my people and we don’t lose the peace and the world along with it.”

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Image below: DVD-Cover of the powerful New-Topical-Song movie Collection ‘Vision & Action’ by Michel Montecrossa & Mirakali