Sounds on Thursday 89: ‘Viking Power’ by Michel Montecrossa

Continuing the Sounds on Thursday blog post series with the Song ‘Viking Power’ by Michel Montecrossa

Song Lyrics

Viking Power

Viking Power burns in my heart,
Viking Power coming from the stars.
Viking Power I need in the world,
Viking Power and no Putz around.
Viking Power to handle W.T.O,
Viking Power to make ISIS go.

Viking Power to take a stand
for the migrants and the working hand.

Oh – Oh, Oh – Oh.
Oh – Oh, Oh – Oh.

Viking Power to bring to an end
the war of words and the war of worlds.

Oh – Oh, Oh – Oh.
Oh – Oh, Oh – Oh.

Viking Power is our blood,
Viking Power burns in our hearts,
Viking Power of me and my love.
Viking Power embraces all,
is conscious power of every soul.
Viking Power stands for the True,
the Right, the Vast of me and you!

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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Image above: Mirakali as Shamanakali, still from the ‘Reality Rocker 21’ movie series by Michel Montecrossa, further information here