‘Wide Horizon’ is Michel Montecrossa’s album of the 10 Totally Unplugged New-Topical-Song Rehearsal Session for the Wide Horizon Concert

‘WIDE HORIZON’, released by Mira Sound Germany on Audio-CD & DVD and as Download is Michel Montecrossa’s bootleg album of the rehearsal session for the ‘Wide Horizon’ Concert featuring 10 totally unplugged New-Topical-Songs which Michel Montecrossa created as ‘pilgrim-songs addressed to the Spirit of Clarity and Light’. Together with Mirakali (synthesizer, bass) and Artis Aldschalis (E-violin) the songs were recorded in one take at the art-studio of Michel Montecrossa (vocals, acoustic-guitar) in Mirapuri, Italy.Wide Horizon

Kind Der Zukunft

The Ballad Of Quietude, Beauty And Wonder

The Big Love

Die Große Liebe

Michel Montecrossa says:
“It is music for Wide Horizon Lovers.”

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The Songs:

  1. Wide Horizon
  2. Things Are Happening
  3. What Do You Think?
  4. Back To Earth
  5. Kind Der Zukunft
  6. The Ballad Of Quietude, Beauty And Wonder
    (The Revelation And The Flame)
  7. The Big Love
  8. Die Große Liebe
  9. I Am There For You
  10. Ich Bin Da Für Dich