Sounds on Thursday 119: ‘The People Of The Bright Earth’ by Michel Montecrossa

Continuing the Sounds on Thursday blog post series with the electro-acoustic song ‘The People Of The Bright Earth’ by Michel Montecrossa.

Song Lyrics

The People Of The Bright Earth

The people of the Bright Earth
are knowing through freedom.
Free they are to feel and live truth-vision-action.
Truth is celebration of wisdom and strength,
celebration of love‘s perfection world.

Freedom is most perfect when it relaxes into bliss
and with love and joy is unfolding peace upon earth.
Freedom spontaneous is the action play of love.
The people of the Bright Earth
have for that the right heart.

Suddenly it comes: the unexpected turn.
Suddenly it‘s there and there‘s nothing to explain:
you feel it, you love it, you want it, you get it.
The people of the Bright Earth
don‘t need a concept or a gadget.
The soul they have of the infinite ocean
of energy and light of consciousness expansion.
They are open and not closed to the all power source,
to the genuine embrace of love that knows.

The people of the Bright Earth live and move in the true,
the right and vast love in them and in all.
Conscious they are in movement and in the calm.
They know to be the mother of life and love strong.

The people of the Bright Earth
are love‘s freedom emotions.
Free they are, breathing love‘s joy sensations.
Joy is wisdom and truth of strong love perfection
and perfection is the beauty of fulfilling satisfaction.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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