Upcoming event: ‘The Beauty Of Christmas Blues’ Acoustic & Electric Pre-Christmas Concert with Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali on 16. November 2019 (Filmaur Multimedia House, Gauting)

‘THE BEAUTY OF CHRISTMAS BLUES’ ACOUSTIC & ELECTRIC PRE-CHRISTMAS CONCERT by Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali and The Chosen Few live at the Filmaur Multimedia House in Gauting near Munich, Germany on 16th November 2019 at 21:00 till 23:00 features Michel Montecrossa’s great acoustic New-Topical Songs of insight and humanity dedicated to the true Spirit of Christmas and Mirakali’s illuminating Orgastica-DJ Instrumentals together with the recitations of her Zen-Style Cyberpoems. The setlist includes Michel Montecrossa hit songs like ‘The Beauty Of Christmas Blues’, ‘Messengers Of Light And Truth’, ‘The Power Of Christmas’, ‘Christmas Star’ as well as Mirakali’s Orgastica-DJ instrumentals and poems like ‘Sky & Ocean’ and many more.

16th November 2019
21:00 – 23:00
at the Filmaur Multimedia House
Danziger Str. 1
82131 Gauting (near Munich)
Tel ++49-89-850 8555

“‘THE BEAUTY OF CHRISTMAS BLUES’ ACOUSTIC & ELECTRIC PRE-CHRISTMAS CONCERT sings of the Christmas story with no-kitsch songs of the now and of ‘the love that does good, is good and gives hope’. It is a concert about Love and Hope and a Future of Harmony where we can be a Supergang, that is there to ‘live, to love, to act‘ as Reality Rockers of ‘conscious: wake up and go‘, ready for the Courage Ride that makes you ‘feel happy and so strong’ together with ‘the Strong Woman, the Midnight Star, the Kings Pride and Honor’, feeling that ‘the Power of Christmas is the Mother of Jesus, a woman of love taking a stand against all the evil’ singing ‘you are the Christmas Star that brings the Light to all’ asking ‘Eyes of Hope look at you and what do you do?’ and telling finally ‘I dated her this night, it was Christmas and we felt alright’.”

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