Michel Montecrossa Quote about ‘Genetic Expansion’

Painting ‘Genetic Expansion’ by Michel Montecrossa

Michel Montecrossa about Genetic Expansion:
“Genetic expansion is the key to the future. It’s not effected, it develops. It’s the cure for error and suffering, gives cosmic vision and sentiment.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his CD ‘Genetic Expansion’ – Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2008)

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Song Lyrics
Genetic Expansion

Genetic Expansion everywhere.
Things final are no longer like that.
Foundations of truth are no longer the same.
In the depth of the ocean a new species waits.

I‘m in my world, others in theirs
seein‘ through an asshole as wide as it can get.
Your lens is distorting. What do you expect?
Genetic Expansion in every human egg.

Next time we‘ll meet you‘ll play with your smell.
Attraction is the meanin‘ of every single cell.
Laughin‘ or weepin‘, do you know about what?
From the depth of the ocean somethin‘ looks.

Genetic Expansion for self-repair.
Do you know god‘s opinion about despair?
Wishes come true while you‘re asleep
playin‘ and tryin‘ new life fantasies.

Children rule computers through
nine year olds strong with solutions.
Technology-DNA in young girls.
Keep an eye on kindergarten worlds.

Genetic Expansion everywhere
blowin‘ time‘s dust across all that can‘t save,
revealing mysteries of unknown senses
no more degraded by various lenses.

New forms call with compositions
of beauty atoms and photonic visions.
And someone gently leaves
tragedies of false beliefs.

Genetic Expansion is nature departin‘
from all that is only hurtin‘.
Whiteness can be more than white,
is shieldin‘ man from fake paradise.

Memory is fading away but not
resurrection from the naught.
We aren‘t so ignorant as we think,
ready we are to find the next link.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

The song ‘Genetic Expansion’ is part of Michel Montecrossa’s great peace & climate change musical ‘The Resurrection Movie’ telling the love-tale of cyberrocker-astronaut Starlight and his mate Earthpower and how they change hellish mega city planet through their music into a free world. Download or rent the movie on Vimeo on Demand https://vimeo.com/ondemand/theresurrectionmovie 

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