‘The Beauty Of Christmas’ Acoustic & Electric Climate Change Concert with Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali at the Filmaur Multimedia House in Gauting near Munich on Audio-CD, DVD & as Download

‘The Beauty Of Christmas Blues’ Acoustic & Electric Pre-Christmas Concert by Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali and The Chosen Few live at the Filmaur Multimedia House in Gauting near Munich, Germany on 16th November 2019, is released by Mira Sound Germany on Audio-CD, DVD and as Download.
The concert presents 33 New-Topical-Songs, Cyberpoems & Orgastica-DJ instrumentals by Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali including: ‘The Beauty of Christmas Blues’, ‘The Big Love’, ‘Supergang’, ‘I Am There For You’, ‘Strong Woman’, ‘The Power Of Christmas’, ‘Christmas Star’, ‘Eyes Of Hope’, ‘Come On, Baby!’ and many more.

The Beauty Of Christmas Blues (New-Topical-Song by Michel Montecrossa)

The Big Love (New-Topical-Song by Michel Montecrossa)

Supergang (New-Topical-Song by Michel Montecrossa)

I Am There For You (New-Topical-Song by Michel Montecrossa)

Strong Woman (New-Topical-Song by Michel Montecrossa)

The Power Of Christmas (New-Topical-Song by Michel Montecrossa)

Christmas Star (New-Topical-Song by Michel Montecrossa)

Eyes Of Hope (New-Topical-Song by Michel Montecrossa)

Come On, Baby! (New-Topical-Song by Michel Montecrossa)

Michel Montecrossa says about the ‘The Beauty Of Christmas Blues’ Acoustic & Electric Pre-Christmas Concert:
“‘The Beauty Of Christmas Blues’ Acoustic & Electric Pre-Christmas Concert sings of the Christmas story with no-kitsch songs of the now and of ‘the love that does good, is good and gives hope’. It is a concert about Love and Hope and a Future of Harmony where we can be a Supergang, that is there to ‘live, to love, to act’ as Reality Rockers of ‘conscious: wake up and go’, ready for the Courage Ride that makes you ‘feel happy and so strong’ together with ‘the Strong Woman, the Midnight Star, the Kings Pride and Honor’, feeling that ‘the Power of Christmas is the Mother of Jesus, a woman of love taking a stand against all the evil’ singing ‘you are the Christmas Star that brings the Light to all’ asking ‘Eyes of Hope look at you and what do you do?’ and telling finally ‘I dated her this night, it was Christmas and we felt alright’.”

Michel Montecrossa’s Homepage: www.MichelMontecrossa.com

Michel Montecrossa on facebook: www.facebook.com/michel.montecrossa

Mirakali’s Homepage: www.Mirakali.net

The album is available here at the Mirapuri-Shop

The Songs, Disc One:

  1. The Beauty Of Christmas Blues
  2. Molekül
  3. Inside World
  4. Messengers Of Light And Truth
  5. Sprechender Alkohol
  6. Two Lovers – One Heartbeat
  7. The Big Love
  8. Noch Einmal Mensch Und Gott
  9. Light In Your Eyes
  10. Supergang
  11. Kein Anschluss Unter Dieser Nummer
  12. Moon Dream
  13. Reality Rocker Take Off!
  14. Welches Wort
  15. Heaven Level
  16. I Am There For You
  17. Unschuldig
  18. Paradise Emotion

The Songs, Disc Two:

  1. The Courage Ride Song
  2. Hoffnung
  3. Cyborg Dreams
  4. Strong Woman
  5. Mensch Und Gott
  6. Magic Of The Moment
  7. The Power Of Christmas
  8. Die Erste Frage
  9. Human
  10. Christmas Star
  11. Das Lächeln Eines Kindes
  12. Tenderness Of Trust
  13. Eyes Of Hope
  14. Die Augen Gottes
  15. I Love You, Michel
  16. Come On, Baby!

Sunday Song Selection 135 – more great songs by Michel Montecrossa & Mirakali

Today’s post of the  Sunday Song Selection features a new selection of great songs by Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali taken from various albums

Happiness Is True (by Michel Montecrossa); Genre: Dance-Electronica

Earthly Dreams And Cosmic Life (by Mirakali); Genre: Dance – Electronica

Paradise Rock (by Michel Montecrossa); Genre: Cyberrock / Dance

Michel Montecrossa Homepage: www.MichelMontecrossa.com

Explore Michel Montecrossa’s art, music, movies, quotes and more on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Montecrossa and on his facebook page

Mirakali’s homepage: https://www.mirakali.net/

Watch Michel Montecrossa videos & trailers on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/michelmontecrossa

Image above: Michel Montecrossa & Mirakali live on stage at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri, Italy (www.SpiritOfWoodstockFest.com)

New painting: ‘Green Enigma’ by Michel Montecrossa

New painting: ‘Green Enigma’ by Michel Montecrossa 

Description: ‘Green Enigma’, Mirapuri, 29th January 2019, watercolor on paper, 42 x 29,7 cm

Michel Montecrossa Homepage: www.MichelMontecrossa.com

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All Michel Montecrossa Paintings and Drawings are available as High Resolution Digital Art Prints on canvas, either in standard-size A1 (59,4 cm x 84,1 cm) or on demand in other formats. See here previews of all paintings & drawings: http://michelmontecrossa.com/gallery/paintings-drawings

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