Sounds on Thursday 163: ‘Creep In – The Immediate New Topical Future’ by Michel Montecrossa

Continuing the Sounds on Thursday blog post series with the Dance-Electronica & Cyberrock track ‘Creep In – The Immediate New Topical Future’ by Michel Montecrossa.

Creep In – The Immediate New Topical Future

After she left I started for
the elevator when something called
or someone, I don’t know.
I moved toward the elevator,

stopped and parted my legs.
Turning back I could touch her face.
Confused expressions are not mine.
The misplaced something I realized.

The German Chancellor remembered little.
Europe was there and Eurasia’s riddle.
Minutes later she made her appearance.
She waited for me like youth unemployment.

„Brutality is after me“, she said
and Gitmo was there and austerity.
But she looked at me in the right way.
I pulled her from the empty stage.

The pope felt challenged this afternoon.
Her eyes turned hypnotic, freezing doom.
She just attacked. Bankas say nothing.
Slavery and crime don’t go down so easy.

My brain changed to the vision mode.
She threw another blow, a fist to the body.
She landed hard, created trouble.
Climate change, like war, makes your teeth rattle.

The answer, though, is the love world cry.
It’s like watching boxing from on high.
In the last round, you don’t want to die.
You want to live, want to survive.

You see the answer in the light of her eyes
and there’s no hatred and you know why.
After she left I started for
the elevator when something called …

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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