Music & Art Mix 235: songs, Cyberart, movie & photography art by Michel Montecrossa & Mirakali

’Space City’ – Cyberart by Mirakali

Listen to the tracks ‘Relaxing Climate Girls’ by Michel Montecrossa and ‘Who You Are’ by Mirakali

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Preview of Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Sweet Lovefest’ Concert dedicated to Love, Passion, Peace, Humanity and Topical Awareness

Little Yellow Flowers – photo by Mirakali

Little Yellow Flowers – photo by Mirakali

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Sounds on Thursday 189: ‘Talking Meaningless Meaning’ by Michel Montecrossa

‘Cry for Communication’ – painting by Michel Montecrossa

Continuing the Sounds on Thursday blog post series with the song ‘Talking Meaningless Meaning’ by Michel Montecrossa taken from his latest album ‘2021 MONTECROSSA’ that is available here on Bandcamp

Talking Meaningless Meaning

She’s a queen, you can’t stop her.
The Meaningless Meaning is her crown.
Her Daddy ain’t the king, he never came down.
Now she‘s my hero and so I‘m hers.

I do a song like a look of the sun.
I do my training, no problem, just fun.
The Meaningless Meaning, it is there with her
but I hate that moment, if I can‘t come close to her.

She’s asking me without asking too much.
The street in the sun is glaring enough.
It’s shimmering, it must be in her hair.
But the Meaningless Meaning is strong and it‘s over there.

I have no doubts, I fold my arms.
I forget but then I remember it all.
I laugh and see it’s just the fall-
I need to be ready, but she may not be ready at all.
There is room in your mind enough, you know.
I remember your name, I roll my balls.
The words spoken speak from my soul.
There‘s a loaf of bread and I unfold my song.

The Meaningless Meaning is about this song.
Don’t ask me questions, forget them all.
Hand them all over, straighten up and go.
I thank you all, the new questions call.

But today I say: “Make me a Pizza.”
And if they don’t respond, I say:
“It’s not that bad what you say. Listen to yourself.”
My head is everywhere and you jump to conclusions.

What’s the name of your addiction?
It’s the Meaningless Meaning, I know it already.
Really, this time it’s worth all the trouble.
Hard core is like: “It all has happened!”

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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Today’s Art: Multiple Realities drawings and paintings by Michel Montecrossa, part 123

Today’s Art: ’Masked & Revelead’ – painting by Michel Montecrossa

Description: Masked & Revealed; Mirapuri, 2013, Acryl and pen on canvas, 40 x 50 cm

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