Michel Montecrossa About Himself

Michel Montecrossa About Himself

After studying art at the München Studio Art School of Klaus Waki Zöllner I traveled through Europe, USA, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India to expand my knowledge of art and culture. Finally I deepened and completed my studies of art during four years together with the French-born painter and consciousness researcher Mira Alfassa, the life companion of the Indian poet, freedom fighter, philosopher and integral consciousness researcher Sri Aurobindo. Since then I abundantly work as an artist creating paintingsdrawingsart-objects, architecture, digital photo artmoviesmusic and literature. The meaning of my art is to go beyond present limits into new domains of consciousness. I have dedicated my life to this aim and am not only fully engaged in creating high intensity works of art that can open others to new levels of awareness and consciousness growth, but also work with a group of artist friends and entrepreneurs for the building of Mirapuri – the City of Peace and Futureman in Europe, Italy as a place where art and life can meet in a culture of practical consciousness research and a free-mind humanistic-spiritual atmosphere of human unity in diversity.
Since its foundation I live and work in the growing Mirapuri – the City of Peace and Futureman in Europe, Italy and its satellite Miravillage in Germany as a universal artist and consciousness researcher uniting the painter, multimedia-artist, architect, the musician, the writer and the movie maker in a holistic personality.
More about me and the constantly evolving work one can find on my websites:

Michel Montecrossa Homepage: www.MichelMontecrossa.com

Michel Montecrossa – Paintings & Drawings: http://michelmontecrossa.com/gallery/paintings-drawings

Michel Montecrossa’s New-Topical-Song-Movement: http://michelmontecrossa.com/category/cd_dvd/new-topical-song-movement

Michel Montecrossa CD releases: http://michelmontecrossa.com/category/cd_dvd

movies by Michel Montecrossa: http://michelmontecrossa.com/category/movies

books by Michel Montecrossa: http://michelmontecrossa.com/category/books

Song lyrics by Michel Montecrossa: http://michelmontecrossa.com/song-lyrics

Michel Montecrossa at the following festivals in Mirapuri

Michel Montecrossa - Thanks for Festival



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