More books by Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali

Michel Montecrossa
‘Tarana and the Island of Immortality’

Tarana and the Island of ImmortalityMichel Montecrossa’s “Tarana and the Island of Immortality” is a fantasy-action Novel presenting the Love Power Story of the coming together of Douglas Goldfield from the 19. Century with the futuristic Tarana from the future. They both meet on the mysterious island Kohana which turns out to be a multidimensional time-space gate.

In Tarana and the Island of Immortality Michel Montecrossa presents a fascinating and deeply felt fusion of erotic-realistic future vision with thrilling action dynamics turning round the passionate and tender relation of Tarana and Douglas Goldfield.

The intensity of their personality-contrasts and the fire of their love are the center of Michel Montecrossa’s breathtaking Fantasy Novel Tarana and the Island of Immortality about the discovery and exploration of a new world dimension with undreamed of possibilities for future humanity.

With Tarana and the Island of Immortality Michel Montecrossa opens the door to the exciting and picturesque panorama of emotional peaks, dangers and unexpected clues accompanied by painful as well as ecstatic experiences.
The story directly touches the reader through the adventures of Tarana and Douglas Goldfield on the island Kohana – Adventures into a supernaturally transformed world where there are telepathic animals, time-lenses, the secret of Atlantis, holographic journeys and bodyexperiences coming from distant future.

Tarana and the Island of Immortality is Michel Montecrossa’s ultramodern fantasy-action Novel bringing together love, struggle and futuristic vision in a masterfully designed story told in Michel Montecrossa’s trendsetting and unique way of strong expressiveness and sensuality.

In 1999 a new island unexplainably emerged from the Sargasso Sea. The scientific world was never able to agree about how it had formed. When one of the seven expedition teams made a sensational discovery that would have seemingly revealed the island’s mystery, the whole area was closed off. Further expeditions were carried out in secret by special military units. The public was told that the island had come into being through a volcanic eruption. Then all reports of the island disappeared from the media and the island was forgotten. The first civilian scientists that had begun studying the island were sworn to silence.
Nevertheless the rumors and speculation continued. Professor Kim, the former leader of the international team of scientists, had found a nearly rotted diary in the niche of a cliff. It had belonged to an English writer by the name of Douglas Goldfield who, according to the notes, had already lived on the island at the end of the 19th Century. In the diary he had described the island’s secret and the fairytale-like story of the island’s queen, Tarana, who ruled there a realm of immortality. Scientists of all disciplines were stirred up in the first weeks about the discovery of the diary, especially because many other discoveries on the island seemed to confirm the story that Douglas Goldfield had written nearly one hundred years earlier about his fate, the immortal Tarana, about the island itself and its mysterious future. Although no one could disprove Goldfields words, the specialists and scientists remained skeptical. After the military took over the further investigations the diary was declared a fake and with it the miracle and the riddle of that island, which was, however, included in the ocean maps as the “Island of Immortality”. Only Professor Kim, who had found the diary, remained utterly convinced for the rest of his life that the little book was not only accurate in every word of its description of another form of reality, but also that it contained a world-shaking revelation about the future of all life…
It is for that reason that, after Douglas Goldfield’s diary entries, I want to tell the story of Tarana and the Island of Immortality. My name is not important. But I will tell you this: We will meet face to face when the things have taken place that are reported by Douglas Goldfield and, more so, Tarana.

by Michel Montecrossa

Sunmessages‘Sunmessages’ is a collection of inspiring and uplifting messages, published by Mirapuri-Verlag and written by Michel Montecrossa.

‘Sunmessages’ is a collection of messages for every day from 1st January till 31st March written by Michel Montecrossa. For the days from 1st April till 31st December Mira Alfassa – The Mother has written a collection of daily messages which are published under the title ‘Mantras’. Both books together give every day throughout the year the opportunity to be in contact with an inspiring and consciousness expanding impulse.

100 pages with text

Der kleine Stern / The little Star / La piccola Stella

Children Book

The little Star

‘Der kleine Stern’ / ‘The little Star’ / ‘La piccola Stella’, published by Mirapuri-Verlag, is a sweet children book created by Mirakali with many pictures communicating the beautiful message of friendship and understanding in addition to being a great song writer and musician – artist Mirakali is working for Navaveda the free progress Mirapuri-School for children of all ages.

‘Der kleine Stern’ / ‘The little Star’ / ‘La piccola Stella’ grew out of Mirakali’s being together with the children of Mirapuri and her caring heart and understanding of their world.

64 full-color pages, specially bound for easy handling through small children hands.

Available as german, english or italian editions.

Michel Montecrossa
‘Cyberbeat Poetry and Image Power’

Cyberbeat Poetry and Image PowerMichel Montecrossa ‘Cyberbeat Poetry & Image Power’, published by Mirapuri-Verlag, presents a collection of 72 poems from cyberrocker Michel Montecrossa’s gorgeous treasure of electrifying song lyrics along with full color images of Michel Montecrossa’s charismatic personality and his bandmembers ‘The Chosen Few’.

The Cyberbeat Poetry & Image Power collection thrillingly shows the free-mind stand, the creative energy, the erotic flair, the gangfeelin’ magic and the visionary power of cyberrocker Michel Montecrossa, 21st century’s most outstanding singer-poet, moviemaker, digital artist, philosopher and down to the bone genius.

Michel Montecrossa, Cyberrocker and Founder of Mirapuri, created more than 2200 songs and 50 symphonic compositions. The extraordinary work of Michel Montecrossa is constantly moving further. Fusions of Rock, Tekno, Electro Punk, Symphonic Music and Music Movies unite to form his unique Cyberrock.

When Michel Montecrossa is not in the studio working on new productions he is on the road together with his band ‘The Chosen Few’ presenting with his live-concerts a Cyber-Rock-Vision come true.

Michel Montecrossa and his band are living in Mirapuri – the City of Peace and Futureman in Europe, Italy.

118 pages with text and full color images.

Michel Montecrossa
‘Words of Love and Hope’

Words of Love and HopeA heartfelt booklet with Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Words of Love and Hope’, published by Mirapuri-Verlag.

Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Words of Love and Hope’ are comforting gems from his cyberbeat poetry treasure-house. Together with the beautiful images they invite for contemplation and a turning to the light of happy wideness.

Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Words of Love and Hope’ invite the reader to tune into the consciousness expanding outlook and deeply felt love expressed in Michel Montecrossa’s art of cyberbeat poetry.

20 pages with text and full color images.

Mirakali and Michel Montecrossa
‘Road Angel and Skylinerocker’

Erotic Picture and Lyrics Book

Road Angel and Syklinerocker‘Road Angel and Skylinerocker’ a picture and lyrics book, published by Mirapuri-Verlag, presents Mirakali’s erotic cyberart illustrating cyberrock lyrics of Michel Montecrossa.

Mirakali’s free, heartfelt and stimulating erotic cyberart is a refreshing and exciting trip into a cool and relaxing way of experiencing orgastic (orgasmic & orgiastic) joy.

Mirakali gives in her images a potent vision of the state of consciousness beyond timid inhibition and narrow mindedness.

Mirakali through her inimitable female-flair art thrillingly combines Michel Montecrossa’s great songlyrics ‘Road Angel and Skylinerocker’ with down to the bone imagepower.

‘Road Angel & Skylinerocker’, Mirakali’s and Michel Montecrossa’s straightforward masterpiece for honey-lovers: ‘The erotic age is our future – it is freeborn from the virtual body.’

50 pages with text and full color images.

‘Mirapuri und die Zukunft’

Essays on Mirapuri – the City of Peace and Futureman in Europe, Italy

Mirapuri und die ZukunftMirapuri und die Zukunft’, geschrieben von Mirakali ist eine Zusammenstellung von Essays in deutscher Sprache (zuzüglich drei Essays in englischer Sprache), erschienen beim Mirapuri-Verlag.

‘Mirapuri und die Zukunft / Mirapuri and the Future’ written in german (including three english essays) by Mirakali is publishes by Mirapuri-Verlag.

Mirakali ist das glockenhelle Lachen des Glücklichseins, das aus tiefer Dankbarkeit für die Schätze des Lebens und der Freude staunenden Erlebens kommt.
Mirakali ist eine grosse Künstlerin dieses Staunens, dieser Freude, dieser Dankbarkeit und dieses glücklichseins, die sie herzerfrischend und mit selbstverständlicher Leichtigkeit an ihre Leser und Zuhörer Weitergibt.
Mirakali ist Dichterin, Malerin, Musikerin und Filmkünstlerin. Sie lebt in Mirapuri, der Stadt des Friedens und des Zukunftsmenschen in Europa, Italien. Dort leitet sie ‘Navaveda’ die Schule für Mirapuri-Kinder aller Altersstufen.
Mirakali erzählt in ihrem liebevollen Buch ‘Mirapuri Und Die Zukunft’ von ihren Lebenserfahrungen und ihrem starken und hoffnungsvollen Blick in die Zukunft.
Mirakali erschliesst uns in ‘Mirapuri Und Die Zukunft’ eine begeisternde Wirklichkeit des Glücklichen Miteinanders und der fortschrittsfreudig intelligenten Persönlichkeits-Entfaltung,
Die sicher auf der Grundlage der Freude am höchsten Guten steht.
Mirakali ist mit ihrem zeitlos jungen Wesen selbst ein Sonnenstrahl dieser Zukunft, die frei ist von den Ängsten, bedrückungen und zwischenmenschlichen Schmerzen einer gewalttätigen Vergangenheitswelt.
Mirakali nimmt uns mit ‘Mirapuri Und Die Zukunft’ sanft an die Hand und führt uns aus dem traurigen Bannkreis des Alten und längst überholten hinaus in die Weite eines besseren Morgens, der begonnen hat auf die Welt zu leuchten.

103 Seiten mit Text und Farbbildern.

Michel Montecrossa
‘The Sunrevolution’

The Sunrevolution‘The Sunrevolution’, published by Mirapuri-Verlag, is Michel Montecrossa’s fascinating masterwork of consciousness research, presenting the Philosophy of Spiritual Realism as the next step in the revelation of the mystery of human evolution and its mindshaking possibilities.

‘The Sunrevolution’ is Michel Montecrossa’s breathtakingly futuristic 21st century message of radically expanding the human potential for building a better tomorrow.

‘The Sunrevolution’ gives a brilliant survey of the impact of the Philosophy of Spiritual Realism which not only bursts the bounds of ordinary philosophies of the past, opening up unheard of dimensions of positive experience, but furthermore unites in its creative vision effective spirituality with the power of a new psychology of transformation, consequently leading to new and convincing ways of dealing with matter and shaping our lives.

‘The Sunrevolution’ is Michel Montecrossa’s luminously clear, sovereignly intelligent and deeply touching exposition of humanity’s way into the future.

‘The Sunrevolution’ and its Philosophy of Spiritual Realism is the far-reaching and bold embrace by a passionately modern thinker of the deepest mysteries of life, giving stunning and satisfying answers to the burning questions of today and tomorrow, free from the dust and the burden of a dead past.

‘The Sunrevolution’ presents Michel Montecrossa as ranking among the leading thinkers and authors of today, giving to philosophy a totally new outlook and importance, which is no longer past-oriented and ineffective but boldly future-oriented and effective by showing the new perspectives of spiritual realism the 21st century needs.

‘The Sunrevolution’, 442 pages with many pictures. Included in the book are 2 CD’s: the Digital Video Disc ‘Future Mirapuri’ and the Audio CD-Plus with the New Year Music 2003 by Michel Montecrossa.

The coming revolution is not an external but an inner revolution: The allembracing renewal of the being from within.
How can a New Consciousness come into existence? What are the conditions? What are the characteristics of its passage into matter? How can the New Consciousness become a decisive transforming factor in the world?
These are the questions dealt within the Sunrevolution.
The Sunrevolution shows ways into a new psychology of the soul and presents a vast synthesis of knowledge and experience for the harmonious growth of mature individual and community life.
The Sunrevolution shows how expansion of consciousness leads to the creation of new ways of living and the building of Transformation Cities like Mirapuri as the beginning and expression of a planetary change from man to Future Man.
The Sunrevolution shows the way into a future of peace, creativity, love and joy where all mankind will be united through progress and happiness in a world free from war and suppression.
Included in the book are two CD’s: the Digital Video Disk ‘Future Mirapuri’ and the Audio CD-Plus with the New Year Music 2003 by Michel Montecrossa with the title ‘Blessed are those who take a leap towards the Future’.
The Sunrevolution is Volume II of the Mirapuri-Book Series. Read also Volume I with the title ‘Mirapuri – the City of peace and Future Man in Europe, Italy and Miravillage, its First Satellite in Germany‘.

Michel Montecrossa, the author of the Sunrevolution is the futuristic founder of Mirapuri – the City of Peace and Future Man in Europe, Italy and its first satellite Miravillage in Germany, where the New Consciousness approach can be lived.
The original basis of Mirapuri is the work and vision of Sri Aurobindo and his spiritual partner Mira Alfassa, known as The Mother.
Michel Montecrossa together with Mira Alfassa worked out the idea of Mirapuri during four years of a loving and creative friendship.
The Sunrevolution contains the documentation of this original inspiration given by Mira Alfassa as well as its detailed expansion to be a step into a New Experience and Vision.
Mirapuri – the City of Peace and Future Man in Europe, Italy and Miravillage, its first satellite in Germany today are two of the most exciting centers for the realization of this New Experience and Vision, and the Sunrevolution is the essential work of Michel Montecrossa about this Adventure of Consciousness and Joy.

Michel Montecrossa
‘Mirapuri – the City of Peace and Future Man in Europe, Italy
and Miravillage its first satellite in Germany’

The futuristic Adventure of Consciousness and Joy based on the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and Mira Alfassa – The Mother

Mirapuri – the City of Peace and Future Man in Europe, Italy and Miravillage its first satellite in GermanyMirapuri, the City of Peace and Future Man in Europe, Italy, and its first satellite Miravillage in South Germany are based on the work of Sri Aurobindo and Mira Alfassa – The Mother and their Ideals of Peace, Love, Progress, Human Unity and Transformation.

Mirapuri and Miravillage were founded on 15th August 1978 by the musician, cyberartist and futurist Michel Montecrossa on behalf of The Mother.

This Book is the essential introduction into the aim and becoming of Mirapuri and Miravillage and their foundation in the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. The Integral Yoga is a futuristic outlook on man’s possibilities of not only finding his Soul and Spiritual-Cosmic Consciousness but also of achieving a healing of the artificial separation of Spirit and Matter in his mental understanding and realizing instead the union of both in One Reality which is Supramental and able to bring Peace, Love, Progress, Human Unity and the transformation into Future Man to earth.

Mirapuri, the City of Peace and Future Man, and Miravillage, its first satellite are the active expression of this New Consciousness of Transformation and Human Unity. The book gives a comprehensive overview of Mirapuri, Miravillage as well as the biography and the major works of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother with text, pictures, 1 DVD and 1 Audio-CD. The DVD presents a comprehensive documentary-movie on Mirapuri and Miravillage, and the Audio-CD the fascinating Meditationmusic by Michel Montecrossa titled: ‘The World Is Preparing For A Big Change – Will You Help?‘.


  • Welcome to Mirapuri and Miravillage
  • Mirapuri and Miravillage: A New Life
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Sri Aurobindo and Mira Alfassa – The Mother Biography
  • Sri Aurobindo and The Integral Yoga
  • Mira Alfassa – The Mother, Mirapuri and Miravillage
  • Sri Aurobindo and Mira Alfassa – The Mother about Themselves
  • Some Major Works of Sri Aurobindo
  • Some Major Works of Mira Alfassa – The Mother
  • Sri Aurobindo and The Mother: A Selection of Rare Original Movies and Sound Recordings
  • Sri Aurobindo about the Integral Yoga
  • Mira Alfassa – The Mother: Her Dream and The Integral Yoga
  • Michel Montecrossa Portrait:
    • The Founder of Mirapuri and Miravillage
    • Experiences with The Mother
    • Cyberartist
    • Some Major Works of Michel Montecrossa
    • Musician
    • Michel Montecrossa: A Selection of Audio-CD, CD-Plus and DVD Productions
    • Michel Montecrossa – Cyber Rocker, Founder of Mirapuri and the Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri, Italy: Poems, Songs, Love and Beauty Return
    • Futurist
  • Mirapuri: Vision and Becoming
  • The Charter of Mirapuri
  • The Conception of Mirapuri
  • Mirapuri – Significance of the Four Main Sectors
  • Mirapuri in Becoming
  • The New Age Seminars in Mirapuri
  • Miravillage – The First Satellite of Mirapuri: Vision and Becoming
  • Friends of Mirapuri
  • The Mother about Her and Sri Aurobindo’s Books
  • Selections from Sri Aurobindo’s Works:
    • Savitri
      • Images and Textpassages
    • The Life Divine
      • The Human Aspiration
      • The Place of Man in Evolution
      • The True Soul
      • A Greater Existence
      • The New Community
      • The Supramental Manifestation upon Earth
    • The Synthesis of Yoga
      • Spiritual Freedom
      • Synthesis
      • Self-Consecration
    • Thoughts and Aphorisms
  • Selections from The Mother’s Works:
    • Five Psychological Perfections
    • On Education
      • The Science Of Living
      • To Know Oneself and to Control Oneself
      • Physical Education
      • Vital Education
      • Mental Education
      • Psychic Education and Spiritual Education
    • The Supramental World
    • Paintings and Drawings
    • The Symbol of Sri Aurobindo
    • The Image of the Soul
    • The Yoga of the World
  • Selections from Michel Montecrossa’s Works:
    • The Sunrevolution
      • The Age of Small Revolutions has come to an end, the Age of the Great Revolution has arrived
      • Planetarey Synthesis
      • The New Historical Consciousness
      • The Sunrevolution
      • The Yoga of Mirapuri, or The Smile of God
    • Two Song Poems
  • Sri Aurobindo and The Mother: Darshan
  • Two Messages by The Mother
  • Addresses

425 Pages
Included in the book are two CDs:
1. Digital Video Disc: Mirapuri and Miravillage
2. CD-Plus: New Year Music 2002

Michel Montecrossa:
Mirapuri la città della Pace e dell’Uomo Futuro in Europe, Italia e Miravillage suo primo satellite in Germania

L’avventure della Coscienza e della gioia basata sullo Yoga Integrale di Sri Aurobindo e Mira Alfassa – La Madre’

Mirapuri la città della Pace e dell'Uomo Futuro in Europe, Italia e Miravillage suo primo satellite in GermaniaMirapuri, la Città della Pace e dell’Uomo Futuro in Europa, Italia, e Miravillage, il suo primo satellite nella Germania meridionale sono basati sull’opera di Sri Aurobindo e di Mira Alfassa – La Madre e sui loro Ideali di Pace, Amore, Progresso, Unione Umana e Trasformazione.

Mirapuri e Miravillage sono state fondate il 15 agosto 1978 dal musicista, artista cyber e futurista Michel Montecrossa su commissione della Madre.

Questo libro è l’introduzione essenziale allo scopo e alla realizzazione di Mirapuri e Miravillage e al loro fondamento sullo Yoga Integrale di Sri Aurobindo e della Madre. Lo Yoga Integrale è una visione futurista delle possibilità che ha l’uomo non solo di scoprire la propria Anima e la propria Coscienza Cosmico-spirituale, ma anche di risanare la separazione artificiale tra Spirito e Materia nella sua comprensione mentale, realizzando invece l’unione di entrambe nell’Unica Realtà che è quella Supramentale e portando così Pace, Amore, Progresso, Unione Umana e la Trasformazione nell’Uomo Futuro sulla terra.

Mirapuri, la Città della Pace e dell’Uomo Futuro in Europa, Italia, e Miravillage, il suo primo satellite sono l’espressione attiva di questa nuova Coscienza di Trasformazione e di Unione Umana. Il libro fornisce una visione completa di Mirapuri e di Miravillage, così come la biografia e le opere principali di Sri Aurobindo e della Madre con testi, fotografie, un DVD ed un Audio-CD. Il DVD presenta un filmato documentario su Mirapuri e Miravillage, e il CD-Audio l’affascinante Musica di meditazione di Michel Montecrossa dal titolo ‘The World Is Preparing For A Big Change – Will You Help?‘ (Il mondo si prepara ad un gran cambiamento – Vuoi aiutare?)


  • Benvenuti a Mirapuri e Miravillage
  • Mirapuri e Miravillage: Una Vita Nuova
  • Domande Frequenti
  • Sri Aurobindo e Mira Alfassa – La Madre: Biografia
  • Sri Aurobindo e lo Yoga Integrale
  • Mira Alfassa – La Madre, Mirapuri e Miravillage
  • Sri Aurobindo e Mira Alfassa – La Madre Parlano di Sé
  • Alcune delle Opere Principali di Sri Aurobindo
  • Alcune delle Opere Principali di Mira Alfassa – La Madre
  • Sri Aurobindo e La Madre: Selezione di Rari Filmati Originali e Registrazioni Sonore
  • Sri Aurobindo sullo Yoga Integrale
  • Mira Alfassa – La Madre: Il Suo sogno e lo Yoga Integrale
  • Ritratto di Michel Montecrossa
  • Mirapuri: Visione e Realizzazione
  • La Carta di Mirapuri
  • Concezione di Mirapuri
  • Mirapuri – Significato dei Quattro Settori Principali
  • Sviluppo di Mirapuri
  • Seminari New Age a Mirapuri
  • La Madre su di Sé e sui Libri di Sri Aurobindo
  • Selezione dalle Opere di Sri Aurobindo
  • Selezione dalle Opere della Madre
  • Selezione dalle Opere di Michel Montecrossa
  • Sri Aurobindo e La Madre: Darshan
  • Due Messaggi della Madre

424 pagine con 450 immagini e due CD incluso:
Il Digital Video Disc
‘Mirapuri e Miravillage’ e l’Audio CD-Plus: ‘New Year Music 2002’.

Michel Montecrossa
‘Tarana und die Insel der Unsterblichkeit’

Ein Fantasy-Action Roman von Michel Montecrossa

Tarana und die Insel der UnsterblichkeitTarana und die Insel der Unsterblichkeit ist Michel Montecrossa’s Action und Lovepower reiche Geschichte der Begegnung von Douglas Goldfield aus dem 19. Jahrhundert mit der futuristischen Tarana aus der Zukunft auf der geheimnisvollen Insel Kohana, die in Wirklichkeit ein multidimensionales Zeit- und Raumtor ist.

Durch faszinierende und einfühlsame Verschmelzung erotisch-realer Zukunftsvision mit fesselnder Handlungsdynamik beschreibt Michel Montecrossa in Tarana und die Insel der Unsterblichkeit die aufwühlende und innige Beziehung von Tarana und Douglas Goldfield.

Die Intensität ihrer Persönlichkeitskontraste und die Leidenschaft ihrer Liebe stehen im Brennpunkt des atemberaubenden Fantasy-Action Romans Tarana und die Insel der Unsterblichkeit über die Entdeckung und Erschliessung einer neuen Weltdimension mit ungeahnten Möglichkeiten für die Zukunft der Menschheit.

In Tarana und die Insel der Unsterblichkeit schildert Michel Montecrossa auf mitreissende und bilderreiche Weise Emotionale Grenzbereiche, Gefahren und überraschende Wendungen ebenso wie schmerzhafte und ekstatische Erlebnisse, die den Leser direkt berühren und durch das vielfältige Panorama des sich entfaltenden Abenteuers führen, das Tarana und Douglas Goldfield auf Kohana bestehen müssen. Ein Abenteuer, das sich in einer übernatürlich veränderten Welt abspielt, in der man telepathische Tiere ebenso findet wie Zeitlinsen, das Geheimnis von Atlantis oder holographische Reisen und weit aus der Zukunft kommende körperliche Veränderungen.

‘Tarana und die Insel der Unsterblichkeit’ ist ein ultramoderner Fantasy-Action Roman, der Liebe, Kampf und futuristische Szenarien in einer für das Genre meisterhaften und richtungsweisenden Geschichte zusammenführt, die den Leser unmittelbar durch ihre Ausdruckskraft und Sinnlichkeit anspricht.

Dem Buch beigelegt ist eine interaktive CD-Rom mit der E-Buch Version des vollständigen Textes, den Zeichnungen von Michel Montecrossa zu Tarana, Internet-Links und zwei Tarana Songs von Michel Montecrossa: “Tarana’s Island” und “Tarana, Kohana, Schamana”

1999 tauchte auf unerklärliche Weise in der Sargasso-See eine neue Insel auf. Die wissenschaftliche Welt wurde sich nie einig über ihre Entstehungsweise. Als eine der sieben Untersuchungsexpeditionen einen sensationellen Fund machte, der das Geheimnis der neu entdeckten Insel zu entschleiern schien, wurde das ganze Gebiet abgeriegelt. Die weiteren Untersuchungen fanden unter strenger Geheimhaltung durch militärische Spezialtruppen statt. Gegenüber der Öffentlichkeit wurde verlautet, dass die Insel durch einen Vulkanausbruch entstanden sei. Dann verschwanden alle Nachrichten aus den Medien und die Insel geriet in Vergessenheit. Die zivilen Forscher, die als erste die Untersuchungen begonnen hatten, wurden zu Stillschweigen verpflichtet. Dennoch hielten sich Gerüchte und Vermutungen, denn Professor Kim, der damalige Leiter der internationalen Forschungsgruppe, hatte auf der Insel in einer Felsennische das Tagebuch eines englischen Schriftstellers namens Douglas Goldfield gefunden, der – so schreibt dieser – bereits Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts auf der Insel lebte. In diesem Tagebuch schildert er ihr Geheimnis und die märchenhafte Geschichte ihrer Königin Tarana, die dort ein Reich der Unsterblichkeit regiert hatte. Die Wissenschaftler aller Fakultäten gerieten in den ersten Wochen nach Entdeckung der Insel in größte Erregung über die Enthüllungen desTagebuches, zumal viele Funde auf der Insel die unglaubliche Geschichte bestätigten, die Douglas Goldfield vor fast hundert Jahren über sein Schicksal, über die unsterbliche Tarana, über die Insel selbst und mehr noch über ihre geheimnisvolle Zukunft niedergeschrieben hatte. Obgleich keines von Douglas Goldfield’s Worten widerlegt werden konnte, blieben die Spezialisten und Wissenschaftler skeptisch, und nach Übernahme der weiteren Untersuchungen durch das Militär wurde das Tagebuch schließlich als Fälschung erklärt und damit die Wunder und Rätsel jener Insel, die dennoch in den Meereskarten als ‘Insel der Unsterblichkeit’ aufgenommen wurde. Einzig Professor Kim, der das Tagebuch gefunden hatte, blieb zeit seines Lebens fest davon überzeugt, dass in dem kleinen Buch nicht nur jedes Wort die genaue Beschreibung einer andersgearteten Wirklichkeit darstellt, sondern dass darin auch eine weltbewegende Enthüllung über die Zukunft allen Lebens enthalten ist …
Nach den Tagebucheintragungen des Douglas Goldfield will ich deshalb nun die Geschichte von Tarana und der Insel der Unsterblichkeit erzählen. Mein Name ist nicht wichtig. Nur so viel sei dem Leser gesagt: Wir werden uns von Antlitz zu Antlitz begegnen, wenn geschehen ist, wovon Douglas Goldfield und mehr noch Tarana berichten.


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